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Comment Does this apply to a cellar (Score 1, Funny) 465

I'm maybe moving to a house that has a cellar with a well in it, an active one that water flows through, so the cellar is damp and maybe slightly cooler than normal.
Would the cellar not automatically act as a sort of cheap ground source heat pump, in terms of equalisizing the temperature of the rooms above it?

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1, Funny) 324

Well its not as one sided as you think. Take, for example the sites such as rapidshare and megaupload that routinely share terrabytes of copyrighted material.
If you find your copyrighted content on those sites, you can email them a DMCA takedown that MUST include your phone number, your physical address and other contact details.
Note that megaupload do not provide everyone with their direct contact number, and the people actually uploading the copyrighted content are 100% anonymous.
If you are luck,y after 48 hours the site might remove the content, taking no action whatsoever against the uploader.
Within a few hours, the copyrighted content is uploaded yet again, and the whole process starts again.
All the time, the copyright holder is the one who is giving out their personal information, and the hoster and the uploader remain safely immue to any possible comeback.
nice business model, and one that the DMCA does almost nothing to impact whatsoever.

People who criticise the DMCA for being too harsh have likely never used it, or been on the receiving end. Its a very weak piece of law in cases such as these. (The DRM-related aspects of the law are different, and total overkill however).


Proposed UK File-Sharing Laws May Be Illegal, ISPs Upset 198

mindbrane writes "Once in a while, a sidebar will throw a lot of light on a difficult problem. The BBC has a short piece on British ISPs' anger over proposed new laws governing file sharing in the UK. The new laws would include cutting repeat offenders off from the Internet. Early response suggests such tactics would fail: 'UK ISP Talk Talk said the recommendations were likely to "breach fundamental rights" and would not work. ... Virgin said that "persuasion not coercion" was key in the fight to crack down on the estimated six million file-sharers in the UK. ... Talk Talk's director of regulation Andrew Heaney told the BBC News the ISP was as keen as anyone to clamp down on illegal file-sharers. ... "This is best done by making sure there are legal alternatives and educating people, writing letters to alleged file-sharers and, if necessary, taking them to court."' The article also mentions a statement issued by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which 'proposes that internet service providers are obliged to take action against repeat infringers and suggests that the cost of tracking down persistent pirates be shared 50:50 between ISPs and rights holders.' Unsurprisingly, said rights holders are in favor of the idea."

Comment Re:How long can they fight it (Score 1, Funny) 348

they have made an inhuman effort to pump up ad impressions.
Everything else was a smokescreen of bullshit.
I don't see, when I visit TPB a big banner linking to all the torrents of free speech essays for countries like china or burma, or stuff that has been published by whisteblowers.
Its just "music" "movies" "games" "software".

They don't give a fuck about free speech, never have, and never will.

Comment Re:Now you know why there's no Linux version of Ra (Score 1, Funny) 348

Couldn't agree more, but nobody here wants to here the truth. Thats why they modded you down in the hope nobody else will read it.
This is EXACTLY why there are no linux ports of big games. The demographic who insist on running linux have a sense of entitlement to everyone else's work for free.
Why would anyone sane spend MONEY to port their game to a platform where people refuse to pay for it?

Comment Re:Yes... information *IS* free (Score 1, Funny) 348

who are you talking to?
I'm a small 'content producer' who has 100% embraced digital distribution, does not employ lawyers, and does not support the RIAA, MPAA or any other government lobbying organisation.

And hey, guess what, TPB rip me off along with everyone else. Could it be that they just dont give a fuck about the effects of their actions? Lumping in TPB with some sort of anti-corporate crusade is silly. Those guys just sold out for millions, and were originally financed by a right wing millionaire called carl lundstrom.
TPB are as corporate as walmart.

Comment Re:How long can they fight it (Score 1, Interesting) 348

I agree with you in that I strongly value freedom of speech too, I just think that TPB are the WORST cheerleaders for any free-speech cause.
The minute you lump in freedom of speech and censorship issues with torrents of The Sims and Spiderman 3, you trivialise the whole issue.

There is a whole generation of politicians who look at people defending TPB in the cause of free speech, and see just a petty excuse for virtual shoplifting.

Anyone who really believs in free speech online should distance themselves from a site based around viagra adverts and hollywood movie torrents.
TPB is (and always has been) about making money. Anything else is just PR to give them covering fire.

The Internet

Swedish Authorities Attempt Pirate Bay Shutdown 348

Several sources are discussing the recent attempted shutdown of The Pirate Bay by Swedish authorities. It seems that following the recent court defeats and the pending civil actions, Swedish authorities threatened TPB's main bandwidth supplier with a hefty fine in order to get them shut down. Not surprisingly TPB has relocated and is back online although the tracker still seems to be down. As a gesture of their "appreciation" TPB plans on sending a mocking t-shirt to the people believed responsible for the takedown attempt.
The Almighty Buck

Pirate Bay Buyer Chairman Resigns 65

Xemu writes "Global Gaming Factory X (GGF), the company that plans to purchase Swedish file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, has encountered an additional setback. Last week trading in GGF stock were suspended due to suspected insider trading. On Friday, Magnus Bergman, GGF chairman, submitted his resignation to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Bergman's resignation is the latest in a series after the previous departures of board member Johan Sällström and adviser Wayne Rosso. The CEO of GGF, Hans Pandeya, is being pursued by the Swedish enforcement service for mounting unpaid debts. In an interview with the Swedish business daily 'di.se' today, CEO Hans Pandeya says that the deal is still on."
The Courts

RIAA Loses Case Against Launch Media 86

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The RIAA's claim that personalized internet radio stations were 'interactive services' was flatly rejected 'as a matter of law' by the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in Arista Records v. Launch Media. In affirming the jury's verdict in favor of the defendant, Launch Media — acquired during the lawsuit by Yahoo! — the Court said it did not even need to concern itself with possible errors in the jury instructions, since the trial judge should have directed a verdict for defendant 'as a matter of law' on the question of whether the radio stations were 'interactive services.' At pages 23-42 of its 42-page opinion (PDF), the appeals court carefully analyzed how Launch Media's personalized internet radio stations worked, and noted that the users could neither obtain and play on demand a particular song, nor obtain the transmission of a particular program, thus rendering the RIAA's claim of 'interactivity' meritless."

Sweden Launches Criminal Probe of Pirate Bay Sale 48

uolamer writes with word that the Economic Crimes Bureau in Sweden has opened an investigation into the upcoming purchase of The Pirate Bay by Global Gaming Factory X. Quoting: "The Swedish newspaper SvD reported Saturday that authorities are looking for possible insider trading after Global Gaming's stock jumped a week before they announced plans to acquire The Pirate Bay. Trading of Global Gaming shares was halted by AktieTorget, a Swedish exchange, on Friday after officials there requested proof that Global Gaming had enough money to complete the sale. Global Gaming has yet to produce the required documentation. Until officials get the proof they need, they said they won't allow the stock to be traded again."

Comment Re:srsly (Score 0, Troll) 164

no it doesn't.
downloading and sharing pirated music, then getting caught, destroying the hard drive to cover your tracks, repeatedly lying in court, changing your story several times and forgoing about a dozen offers to settle out of court when you are clearly 100% no argument totally and utterly guilty and caught red-handed gets you that.

Most people who get caught breaching copyright law have the minimal number of brain cells needed to admit guilt and pay a relatively small fine. Lets not act as cheerleaders for dumbasses who think they can wriggle out of it.

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