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Comment Re:And how does this help the people? (Score 1) 67

Actually, the biggest threat to space exploration is actually the unwillingness of people to do it.

Has it occurred to you that perhaps the reason that people a generally not that interested in this vision of the future is that you have failed to convince them? That the reluctance is not their fault, but yours?

That the case for space colonisation may not be compelling enough or realistic enough for the skeptical people to want to do it?

Comment Re:And how does this help the people? (Score 1) 67

You realize the internet that you're using to complain about government spending on started off as a government project right?

You realise the 'manned spaceflight' experiment was effectively over before any government money was spent on the internet? That should give you a hint.

At some point in the future we're going to be acquiring large quantities of resources from off-planet

[citation needed]

Really, anything that eventually helps humanity move out among the stars is far more important to us than anything we locally do on Earth.

You do realise we are already moving out amongst the stars right? when it's night, go outside and look up. See those pinpricks of light?

We might make life more comfortable for a few, but eventually something disastrous will happen to our planet (some people are even pretty sure we'll be the ones that do it) and we'll need to have a backup.


You don't think the more responsible route would be for you to tell us what these impending disasters are so that we might save the lives of the earth's 9 billion residents, rather than advocate for a plan that saves what: A dozen people? A score?

Your plan amounts to advocating genocide in order for you to pursue your political and/or religious goals. You did realise that?

Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 1) 278

Using NoScript is pretty easy if you don't try and micro-manage it. Allow (whitelist) your most trusted and frequently visited sites just once. "Temporarily allow all on this page" for trusted sites you don't frequently visit. Don't allow anything you don't completely trust to run JS.

This is why I haven't switched to Chrome.

Comment Re: Obama's space policy (Score 1) 93

Unless you've time traveled back from the year 3000, your estimates of the capabilities of robots is WAY too high.

My estimate of robot capability is based on what could be achieved if we spent a fraction of what it would cost to send a human.

Did we send a robot up to repair the Hubble space telescope?

Would we send a robot NOW, rather than a human? Probably.

In a general problem solving situation they cannot hope to match the flexibility of a person,( and remote tele-operation does not solve this). Now granted, that's using today's technology - but I would argue that developing tech. to send a human to mars will be realised MUCH sooner than tech. to develop a robot capable of matching a human/s dexterity, thinking etc.

Generally speaking, humans need to solve more problems because the systems need to sustain them tend to be far more complex than the systems need to sustain a machine. How many problems does a hammer need to solve - just the one. It doesn't ever have problems with it's life support, or running ut of food, or getting bored.

People are quite robust

Nope - people are inherently fragile - in body and mind.

Did the Europeans colonising America have "no objective value"?

The Americas were already colonised - so over all, a net zero value.

Comment Re:A lot of roads like that around here (Score 1) 601

At least where I am you would be at fault if there were an accident. You are not allowed to cross the line unless it is safe to d so. That means you must stop and wait for oncoming traffic to pass if you cannot proceed on your own side of the line.

At this particular road I have seen cars pull in as far as they can and stop, and still get swiped by a car coming the other way.

Comment Re:High vs Low (Score 1) 338

Hot fusion is also going nowhere until anuetronic fusion becomes practical (pro tip: it's quite a bit harder to do) because the fast neutrons eventually destroy every known material used as the plasma-facing "first" wall

In an actual application, you'll need to capture almost every neutron emitted by the fusion reaction to breed tritium; otherwise you'll run out of reactor fuel.

You'll also want to make the parts behind the breeding blanket replaceable - those chunks of metal will be the radioactive waste produced by a fusion reactor.

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