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Comment Re:A mystery (Score 2) 500

I don't know about anybody else, but I'd really like to hear a story that came with that set-up,

Parked in a McDonalds car park. Young couple in a car next to us wound down the window and lobbed out a load of leftovers, boxes, chips etc. Right next to a bin. Wife went over and threw it back in the window. Boyfriend gets out, yelling abuse and threatening. Wife refuses to back down. Guy returns to car, comes back with an axe. Wife refuses to back down (she's like that...). Guy then decides I'm a better target and starts on me. Wife shouts to me to go into shop and take our young son with me, which I do (unlike her, I don't have a death wish). Nutter stays outside, swears a bit more, then returns to car and drives off. As an aside, I know more men who get beaten up/attacked on behalf of their wives who seem to enjoy kicking off, than I care to think about.

Comment Higher risk, less rewards? (Score 1) 131

Apart from the fact you'll be on about 2 dozen cameras going in, I imagine most banks don't carry anywhere near as much cash these days as people don't use it much. I don't think I've had more than a tenner in my pocket in the last 20 years. Cards or wristbands pay for everything from a pint of milk to a new TV.

Comment Re:A mystery (Score 1) 500

Much as I hate to say it, being anti gun, that argument does make some sort of sense. That said, I'm in my fifties now and I've never had a fight in my life and only ever been in any sort of mild peril once (guy came at me with an axe, long story) but I managed to dodge that by stepping into a shop. He stayed outside...

Comment Re:Prosecute this irresponsible hack!I' (Score 2) 57

That and all the stories which are basically reporting of Twitter spats, endless "Ten reasons why we must x" listicles, aggressive moderation in 'Comment is free' (was free), Their odd obsession with petty aspects of feminism, Adele, rap and a raft of young writers and sub editors who seem to be writing for personal blogs rather than doing proper journalism.

Comment Re:Prosecute this irresponsible hack! (Score 4, Interesting) 57

any serious journalist publishes this sort of thing elsewhere like The Guardian

You do realise that by and large the Guardian is seen as a joke these days and is turning into a Buzzfeed clone? Apart from anything else, Duncan Campbell has a long and very respectable reputation for digging where few dare to go and has uncovered a hell of a lot of otherwise secret goings on over many decades.

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