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Comment My experience (Score 1) 154

I've more or less moved out of programming now but I did it for 30 odd years in the finance industry across various projects. I've used something like 8-10 operating systems and 20+ languages. My code is pretty robust, during dev maybe 1-2 bugs a year were raised against my code and post go live I'm aware of 1 bug that turned out to be me and that was a fairly trivial one. 90% of what I did was donkey work, read a message from IBM MQ, parse it, dump it out to a db, make a few decisions, call a stored proc etc. Mostly C and Unix. It was all commented to hell and back and very clearly structured and I also enjoy documenting, which I do in spades. However, I wouldn't have a clue on writing a compiler, doing any graphical work, etc although I'd know where to look should the need arise. Key point though is, I'm entirely self taught and have zero college. I went from school straight into my first job based on a 30 minute interview and the fact I programmed some 6502 on an Atari 800. The message being, a lot of programming doesn't need super skilled people, anyone with a bit of common sense, a logical mind, a chunk of curiosity and hopefully a good quality threshold can do it.

Comment Not convinced (Score 0) 194

Funnily enough, I probably spend 20% of my TV watching on actual broadcast TV. The rest is watching torrented stuff, usually shows I missed when they were on at the time, sort of timeshift++. As such, I'd say this view of TV winning is about as realistic as the music industry saying they have one over on MP3s.

Comment Idiots in the real world (Score 0) 359

This sort of garbage just proves how financially inept anyone who thinks BitCoin et al have any sort of long term future is. Sure, it appeals on a nerdy/privacy/stick it to da man level but most of us are in the real world. This is not how it works, this is not how countries work, this is not how global financial processes work.

And whose ass did those numbers get pulled from?

Comment Re:And we wonder why music is such crap these days (Score 1) 301

Fully grown adults don't get any new mainstream music

Well I'm a fully grown adult and I'm discovering more brilliant music than I can keep up with by listening to indie and unsigned podcasts, Internet Radio stations and Bandcamp. My thing is electronic music and love bands like www.ixband.co.uk or soundcloud.com/plike-1

Comment Re:I'm sure /. will ridicule it, but... (Score 1) 306

Indeed. I'd love my son to be interested in coding, given it's what I do. However, despite his teacher saying he's one of the best in his class and has some insightful solutions to the tasks, he has zero interest and finds the whole thing a crashing bore. It's one of his least favorite things. I even tried the angle of it being useful as he is keen on game modding but once he realised it might involve code, he went right off the idea.

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