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Comment: Re:Where it matters most. (Score 1) 521

by cliath (#30677328) Attached to: Framerates Matter
This happens in the Source Engine as well, at least in Counter-Strike: Source. Except, its not actually tied to your FPS, its tied to your network update rate, but your network update rate has a maximum of whatever your FPS is. If you set your cvar, cl_updaterate to 100 (the absolute maxium) and your game runs at 60 FPS, your actual update rate will be around 60 ticks per second. You can also set cl_updaterate to 30, and if you're running at 60 FPS, your actual update rate will be around 30 ticks per second. At an update rate around 30 ticks per second there is a very noticeable difference in the rate of fire vs anything over 60 ticks per second.

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