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Comment: Re:Give credit where credit is due (Score 1) 398

by clayski (#40468991) Attached to: U.S. Gas Prices Continue To Fall

{insert favorite politician here} ...

put in place several regulations to control oil speculation.

Actually, you've hit on the precise reason for the brief drop in US gasoline prices - politics. The oil and financial sectors vote with the price of our commodities. No valid long-term conclusions can be drawn from a small dip that occurs just months before a US election.


+ - Microsoft banned from selling Word-> 3

Submitted by
priyank_bolia writes "It sounds like a joke. But, it's real and it's anything but a joke for Microsoft. Judge Leonard Davis, of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, has issued an injunction (PDF link) that "prohibits Microsoft from selling or importing to the United States any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .XML, .DOCX or DOCM files (XML files) containing custom XML.""
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Comment: Re:World improves (Score 1) 921

by clayski (#28902919) Attached to: UK's FSA Finds No Health Benefits To Organic Food

It's ironic that this result is being publicized just as we are starting to unravel the _symbiotic_ relationship between natural foodborne bacteria and the immune system. Many microbiologists and immunologists are reconsidering the benefits of locally-grown organic foods that we, as scientists, have dismissed for generations. Food is more than a chemical concoction, and your body comprises about 100 times as many non-human cells as human ones. It may be that the major benefits of organic foods are not in the pesticides that are _not_ present but in the microorganisms that _are_ present in these foods.

Comment: Re:Obesity & Bacteria (Score 1) 397

by clayski (#27594415) Attached to: Are Human Beings Organisms Or Living Ecosystems?

>>why is it worded in such a way as to imply the different bacteria is the reason that one is obese and the other isn't, instead of the type of bacteria changed because being obese (and the eating that goes along with it) favor one type over the other. ... Because if you read the Scientific literature, there is very good reason to believe that's the way it works.

Comment: Algeferin = 0 hits in NCBI Entrez (Score 1) 132

by clayski (#26868467) Attached to: Sea Sponge Extract Conquers Resistant Bacteria

Whoa - This compound they are claiming all these properties for - algeferin - is apparently unknown to the Scientific Literature. What we are debating here is one poster at a regional conference by a graduate student, that shows a sponge extract inhibits a few types of bacteria in laboratory cultures.

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