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Comment: Possibly bringing high grade slicers to everyone (Score 2) 81

I talked with folks from the Microsoft side at the build conference. The Microsoft team was pretty passionate how 3D additive devices can change the future of manufacturing and make communities. They were really focused on the needs of small-med-large manufacturers making high quality slicers and standard drivers wildly available. The person I talked to said that they wanted to help let printer manufacturers focus on the things they innovate and not worry about the software as much that was outside their area of expertise.

Some of the larger machine shops are talking about being able to build parts with additive processes that are impossible with current techniques. You can add cooling channels, hollow spaces, internal honeycomb structures that can't be forged or milled. I'm not a machinist but it sounded like a change on the scale of computer controlled CNC

Comment: Agree: Didn't want one band tracks (Score 1) 163

by clay_buster (#49153729) Attached to: Can the Guitar Games Market Be Resurrected?
I wish I had mod points. The one band games and packs were a horrible idea. The original Guitar Hero products introduced people to a lot of different bands from different times. My kids and their friends came to appreciate that. (Ok me too). This is actually one of my gripes with Rocksmith. I'd really like some (80s,90s,2000s... ) anthology pack rather than "3 greenday songs"

Comment: C# is the only .Net language for practical purpose (Score 1) 421

There are dozens of languages that compile to the .NET CLI, including BASIC, C++, Ruby, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, Lisp, Pascal, Perl, Scheme, etc. C# is the most popular language to compile to the CLI, yes, but almost any other common language out there can be used too.

C# is really the only popular .Net language. Microsoft .Net spent time on C# while the Java / JVM crowd spent time building new languages.

Comment: .Net exception handling? (Score 1) 421

Exception handling isn't that different.

Java unchecked exceptions operate basically the same was as C#/.Net extensions. You catch them where you want in the call stack or it bubbles all the top.

People don't like checked exceptions because your code is filled with documentation about the types of problems it can have. Of course the alternative is you end up with catch Exception(e) code at boundaries which has its own problems.

Comment: VS unless you want to work with multiple projects (Score 1) 421

VS is great unless you want to run and build multiple projects (solutions) at the same time. Want to work on a library and a couple consumers? Open multiple copies of Visual Studio. Want to run the debugger against multiple copies? Run multiple copies of Visual Studio. Want to do certain operations in test or other modes? Run Visual. Studio as administrator

VS only got the ability to edit code in the debugger in 64bit mode this year!

Comment: Re:no good guys here (Score 1) 236

uh, well that's easy, the aliens are the bad guys and the predators are just that.

The aliens have the ability to wipe out entire spieces and co-opt their DNA. The predators assume they can control that type of danger to support their coming of age rituals. The Predators are stupid.

Comment: A rare attention to detail. (Score 1) 109

by clay_buster (#48324045) Attached to: Why the Time Is Always Set To 9:41 In Apple Ads
This is another example of Apple's attention to the small details of how they do things. Little things add up to create the overall brand image. Apple's attention to detail in the packaging of their products is a good example. People only "unpack" their products once but apple considers that part of the experience of owning their products.

Comment: Does anyone RTFM? (Score 1) 478

They guy doesn't say he'd end it at 75. He didn't say that was a hard date or any other such nonsense.

"Let me be clear about my wish. I’m neither asking for more time than is likely nor foreshortening my life."

He was talking about how much health care/pain he'd be willing to put up with

"I am talking about how long I want to live and the kind and amount of health care I will consent to after 75"

Please read the article before posting all kinds of protestations how stupid the guy is.

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