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Comment Windows 10 Great on 5 but upgrade kills 1 (Score 2) 374

We have 6 machines. 4 of them upgraded no problem. One had a legacy bios / efi upgrade problem. Windows 10 is nice, an improvement over Windows 7. Everyone here really likes it.

The 6th machine on the other hand is a single partition machine that has gone from XP to 8.1 without a hitch. Windows 10 repartitions the disk and leaves it unusable (RAW) every time the upgrade runs. Auto upgrade there would wipe out the machine :-(

Comment Version Control as a Service: (Score 1) 325

Pick something hosted that you don't have to manage. There are only a couple well supported systems.

I'm going to lose credibility with my peeps but.... is probably the easiest to spin up. We use it when we have to do a multi-company PoC or joint project. It comes with task management, scrum boards and other bits. You can set up your repositories as either TFS or as Git. They treat GIT as a first class citizen.

GIT is an expert's tool. There are several hosted repositories, GITHub , AWS Code Commit, BitBucket, the previously mentioned, etc..

Comment Cab and Uber service feel completely different (Score 1) 155

Most of the young people I know use Uber whenever possible. They know when the car is coming. They can check driver ratings and Uber responds to route abuse. DC cabs try and filter out where you are going to do their own route optimization. Uber just shows up when you call it.

We used it in San Francisco this year for the first time. It was a very nice experience. No meter antics. No complaining that the credit card machine was out of order. (I'm looking at you NYC cabs).

Comment Windows 10 drivers (Score 1) 435

Windows 10 upgrades in general have been problematic for me.

E7240 MBR SSD in the second bay requires that the MSATA SSD be moved to another machine to do the upgrade and won't run windows update after the upgrade.

E6420 single partition MBR Windows 7 is erased and converted to RAW by the upgrade process.

Comment The imbalance of two income families (Score 2) 585

The rise of two income families changed expense / income dynamics. High income earning units can drive up housing costs and increase the costs of other services. It can also change the vacation and time off dynamic of families with the need to sync work schedules, school schedules and paid time off.

Singles can't live on their own in many places because they are competing with pooled earning couples. Blue collar working families are now at double the disadvantage when looking for housing, child care or other social and physical services.

No we should not return to the past. Yes, we should realize that single parents and single income families have a long term disadvantage. Societies movement away from long term unions around children creates significant financial disadvantages for large portions of the US population.

Comment Agree to disagree. (Score 1) 106

The new start menu is pretty nice. "Pin to start" is great. You can go with small or large icons for the pinned apps. The pc mode is improved where you don't have the ridiculous full screen "modern apps" that you have to switch away from with alt-tab or by using hot corners. Hot corners in general are gone. Dual monitor is pretty good. All my devices work. I'm using it on my daily work and home machines. VMWare runs fine on it.

On the not so good side. It is hard to make search only search my machine and not the internet. You really feel this with a slow connection. Sometimes the start menu will not come up when I hit the windows logo. They kind of dumbed down the windows update making so you can't pick which ones you want now. That may be a good thing for most folks but I don't like it. Settings in general are an ugly mix of modern and classic. Device Manager and some of the Network settings are classic but the tray interfaces are all moder. The Moder App version One Note is confusing. It is even more confusing that you end up with two versions of OneNote if you install office. You can set the zoom / scale differently on multiple monitors but you sometimes get weird font behavior if you drag a window across the monitors.

It feels like an improvement over ghastly windows 8 , which I previously ran on all machines so I could get task bars on all monitors.

Comment "Woeful diversity" or the "wrong diversity" (Score 1) 256

The company is 51% white, barely over half. They are making progressat a rate of 2% per year, if the goal is to be "less white" . How fast can a company change with Facebook's attrition and growth rate? 49% asian includes a several ethnic phenotype. Grouping them together makes it look like a monolithic block when in fact it probably means large pools of Indian or Chinese ancestor employees. Would facebook look more diverse with a finer breakdown?

Certain groups, who are under represented in engineering colleges, are also underrepresented in their employee pool. Facebook could do "fake" diversity like a lot of companies where HR, facilities and non-tech jobs are disproportionately black and Hispanic. It would help them make their public numbers without actually creating oportunities :-(

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