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by clay_buster (#46995999) Attached to: Zuckerberg's $100 Million Education Gift Solved Little
Teachers are not the primary problems with the schools but they sure do contribute in a lot of situations.

The second half, also very common hard right wing propaganda, is an issue on which there can be reasonable disagreement but is not in any form a "given truth" and even at best ignores the history of teacher unionization from 1920. So, not very good marks to your (presumably private school?) history and political science teachers.

I don't really care if teacher unionization has great historical roots and we have a parade for it every year. None of those folks are still around either in the union or outside of it. The teacher's union is now like other government unions that contribute to their bosses campaigns while negotiating for raises and better working rules with those some bosses.

There are plenty of examples of school problems that can be traced back to teachers and administrators. Look at the Camden article where there staff to teacher ratio is twice that of the rest of the state. That just bleeds funds out of the classrooms.

+ - The USA Science and Engineering Festival attempts to get more kids into STEM

Submitted by clay_buster
clay_buster (521703) writes "Companies, universities, government agencies and NGOs are trying to excite kids about science and engineering with events like http://www.usasciencefestival.... I thought it was great but are these events enough to get kids excited when there are easier educational and career paths?"

+ - USA Science and Engineering Festival

Submitted by clay_buster
clay_buster (521703) writes "Engineering and science companies, government agencies, universities and primary education institutions all understand that we need to excite more people about the science and engineering disciplines. Some of these groups worked together to create the USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC and associated events in other places. This was a big (big big) trade show like event with hundreds of companies probably 50-100 universities and dozens of government agencies. The event filled two floors of the Washington DC convention center. Six stages ran presentations and talks continuously during the event. The kids and older folks who are still kids at heart had a great time.

The main web site is http://www.usasciencefestival.... I have some pictures and thoughts at"

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This is probably the best recycled feed the dairy farmers get. The government is going to regulate something with no history of problems while letting cows continuous antibiotics and while letting the grain companies coat seed in known biological disrupt-ers. I'd said they are focused on the easy problem while letting the bug companies skate.

The proposal would classify companies that distribute spent grain to farms as animal feed manufacturers, possibly forcing them to dry and package the material before distribution.

It's not targeted on breweries specifically. It is targeted at diary farms. It is about accountability what the cows are fed with. Breweries inserted themselves into the market and, as suppliers, are subject to regulations.

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I can't help but suggest that maybe the younger crowd isn't buying into these things because of the development of new technologies. Motorcycles and aviation catered to a certain demographic of people looking to get out there and do something interesting, something crazy. Perhaps they were the adrenaline junkies of their time.

Younger folks have been raised / controlled to take less risk. Computers mean they do less with their hands. I have a motorcycle license. Two of my kids have motorcycle licenses. Some of our "friends" ask my wife why she let me do that because its two dangerous.

I'm no adrenaline junkie but I do feel sorry for folks whose risks and activities are all in a video game.

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This is one of the more interesting web sites where a lot of postings are by people who actually seem to know something about the topic. Information density per page in the beta is a lot less that it was on the old system. The new site feels like form over function. I guess the good news is that my scroll wheel finger is going to get all buff with the extra workout.

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