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I actually like the idea - having been on an overnight flight landing on 9/11, I remember quite a few online contacts wanting to check I was OK. Of course, with Facebook a simple status update would have done the trick, no need for any special tool - and if I'd been offline, a friend could probably have posted that on my page on my behalf. (The gap between "can phone a friend" and "can get online" is pretty slim these days, too: much more so now than it was then.)

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by gmhowell (#48134899) Attached to: Saw this in the firehose

Don't be jealous, APK. I'm sure someday you'll find a woman willing to spend a few minutes with you. She may not technically be alive, or human, but she'll be all yours.

Didn't you read the bulletin? Little boys are always attacking the girls they secretly like. Obviously APK thinks it gives him an aura of boyish charm.

But not to worry - his personality is sufficient to turn off anything with a pulse.

That would certainly explain some of his fixations.

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by Cyberdyne (#48119497) Attached to: London Unveils New Driverless Subway Trains

open and airy interiors inspired by aviation design.

They haven't flown coach lately, have they.

Aircraft do look nice and airy on the inside - right up until you cram in extra rows of seats to make more money, then fill them up with people and luggage. Even in coach, I had some very comfortable long-haul flights in the months after 9/11 with an entire row of seats on a 777 to myself - of course, the airlines weren't quite as comfortable with the plane being that empty. (I'm told this is how Sean Connery flies: rather than pay for first class, just book a whole row in coach. Presumably the airline's perfectly happy with an empty seat, as long as it's being paid for.)

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by Cyberdyne (#48119337) Attached to: BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

Actually this is complete bullshit. Torrent'ing in no way "help ISPs".
The shear number of connections a single person generates by downloading using torrents is ridiculous. It is basically a legal DDoS (well depending on what your downloading). The problems from bittorrent isn't because of the bandwidth used, it is from the number of connections.

The number of connections is completely irrelevant to any proper ISP (i.e. one which isn't NATting or snooping on your traffic): 100 packets per second on a single TCP connection is precisely the same traffic as 1 packet per second on each of 100 connections, except that it may spread out across more peering/transit links. My ISP literally does not know, let alone care, how many TCP connections I have open right now - only how many packets and how many bytes I'm transferring each way. It does indeed benefit my ISP if more of my traffic is local, since that means it can go via cheaper peering links at LoNAP or LINX rather than the expensive Level3 global transit they use for routing to/from more remote networks.

Where it does matter, though, is your home router/firewall/NAT device, which does need to keep track of each and every connection while it's active: a hundred or so connections might well overwhelm the available state storage long before you run out of bandwidth. On that level, downloading a single file is the same whether it comes from the ISP itself or another continent.

Of course, some ISPs are more clueful than others; mine is not only entirely happy for us to run torrent, servers (official policy: do whatever you like except spam; copyright and other issues are up to the police/courts not your ISP) but are even considering hosting their own Tor exit node. No shaping or filtering except the overall bandwidth limit - which caused packet loss for 0.83% of the last week. If only all ISPs could run like that!

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I wasn't speaking to the specific case because of the guilty plea.

FWIW, I read somewhere (MRA site?) that woman-woman violence is particularly bad and particularly underreported.

And I don't know how to fix things either. You slap the hands of people making false claims, and legitimate victims clam up. You do nothing, and you encourage people like my ex wife.

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