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Comment: Re:sorry, don't trust redhat (Score 2) 50

by clark0r (#44004721) Attached to: Red Hat Makes Supported OpenStack Release
The last corporation I worked for had their entire estate of developers running a mixture of CentOS / RedHat on their developer desktops. You can't tell me 5000+ employees of this corporation are 'fanboys', can you?

The current business I work for has all of their systems administrators running Linux on their desktop (Fedora and/or CentOS). If you're a serious user of the Linux technology stack, you'd better not be using Windows as by comparison it's shit.

Comment: Re:$2.2 million to develop a modern PC/Console gam (Score 3, Informative) 113

by clark0r (#42461861) Attached to: <em>Elite</em> Looks Set To Make a Comeback
If you read the BBC article you will see that development has already started. The funding is to complete the development.
"Although some early work on the multiplayer title had been done at Mr Braben's game studio Frontier Developments, but needed the cash to turn the code into a finished playable product. If the game did not hit its funding target then development work would stop."

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