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Comment Re:Lots of tools, not a lot of experience (Score 1) 77 77

AD is useful for providing policy control over objects (eg for rolling out configurations to a particular set of devices), providing a directory with nested groups for granular access to network resources (file shares, web based systems, desktops, networks, anything that integrates with AD). AD also provides a lot of logs so you can see wtf happened after an event, or when performing regular auditing. If you're running a Windows shop you can't deny that AD is your most powerful tool, I've not yet come across anything else that can do what it does. I inherited Samba4 domain controllers and while they worked, switching to AD brought with it increased stability and a full integration with the clients that we could have only hoped for under S4.

Comment Re:sorry, don't trust redhat (Score 2) 50 50

The last corporation I worked for had their entire estate of developers running a mixture of CentOS / RedHat on their developer desktops. You can't tell me 5000+ employees of this corporation are 'fanboys', can you?

The current business I work for has all of their systems administrators running Linux on their desktop (Fedora and/or CentOS). If you're a serious user of the Linux technology stack, you'd better not be using Windows as by comparison it's shit.

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