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Comment: I used republic (Score 1) 73

by clam666 (#49069309) Attached to: Cellphone Start-Ups Handle Calls With Wi-Fi
I had a pair of republic phones for awhile. They do work. Mostly. I started with their beta program, and they do switch back and forth between wifi and cellular at low rates, with the idea that you mostly are travelling to and from somewhere over cellular, but at home you most likely are on wifi. Like anything else, if you go to standard places you might set up wifi spots you use, and your phone switches to them automatically where you go.

It does pretty well. As you're mostly home it's on wifi 99% of the time (for me) or the few after work places I go have wifi spots so I almost never was on cellular. They work pretty well.

Problems though, and its beta so I was giving it a long leash on this. Texts would randomly seem to appear at random times, so if you were texting a lot, I had problems using real time texting as it would sometimes get lost or appear an hour later. Also, they can't do MMS for some reason yet. The phones were older Motorola android phones with a wifi software package. They took forever to boot up, I'm assuming because they were getting a lot of telemetry and signing into their system. It was helpful because I get almost no cell reception at home, so I could at least make calls, although on occasion people calling me would go directly to voice mail.

For a cheap service, if you rarely use it, its worked more or less fine. Mixed with unlimited everything on cell it was a fairly good deal, but they had no price supports for the phones though. They have newer phones coming out.

The customer service is, however great. They interact with you quite a bit, a lot of community and shared support with each other. They are very friendly if you need help and if you want to leave, they make it easy and no hassle. So I hope they succeed or the hybrid tech gets more widespread.

Comment: Negotiation pays dividends (Score 2) 170

by clam666 (#48973353) Attached to: Study Predicts 9% Drop In Salaries of New CS Grads This Year

I started in IT at $22k, so screw them. Starting out of college at $67k. Highway robbery.

But aside from getting off my lawn, a decrease is salaries is certainly a crappy situation if you made college into a tech school and thought you would be getting something near $75k after 4 years, and not you've just lost a percentage point.

That having been said, IT jobs, from my experience, is so much about negotiation these days that $67 is almost meaningless, and kids today have access to far more knowledge to sound smart in interviews compared to pre-internet days where you couldn't parking-lot-google everything you need to know for a 5 minute primer discussion to sound knowledgeable.

I think the smart and communicative ones are going to still command higher values, and those who luffed their way through are going to get the lower salaries.

Where I work we pay anywhere from $45k to $110k depending on skillset, what you know, and experience. Your age isn't particularly used against you, other than you have no idea what you're worth currently, so they bone you down unless an interviewer says otherwise. We don't make you start at some Dev1 position regardless, we slot you in at higher values, even if you're knew, if you sound like you're competent, love to learn, and don't act like you know it all at 22.

Comment: I'm a felon in IT (Score 1) 720

by clam666 (#48546553) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

I have 11 felonies on my record and I work in IT.

I work in data analytics and design in the financial services industry. I've previously contracted with the military, banks, and had a variety of employers and clients, corp2corp, 1099, W2, and never had a problem with either being open about it or a background check.

The biggest issue I've had with being a felon was trying to rent an apartment. I've been rejected at several apartments I've tried to get, but never had a problem with IT jobs whether it was training, contracting. Coding, or handling the data from startups to giant megalith multinationals.

Comment: Can't wait to watch it (Score 1) 59

by clam666 (#48497001) Attached to: Test Flight For NASA's Orion Capsule Slated for December 4

Well I'm going to the launch on some congressional passes with friends and it'll be tons of fun. At least this time the launch is between 7am - 9am rather than 2am as it always seems to be when we attend these launches.

I'm hoping to ustream the launch from the causeway for those who are interested in nerding out.

The Delta IV-Heavy | Orion EFT-1 should be a go and the weather looks (last I checked) good, and my SO and I can't wait.

Comment: Technology Related (Score 1) 1128

by clam666 (#48458015) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Nothing in this thread seems technology related, but I noticed a few things last night.

One of the things I enjoyed was the number of citizen journalists there streaming from their phones. It allowed a wide variety of perspectives and it was quite interesting to see the raw uncensored footage from people there. Some were down the streets, some were with looters, some were watching fires, and some were getting their ass kicked.

My favourite was when BassemMasri's ustream was streaming and his phone got jacked during the broadcast

around 2:30 you can see his phone grabbed and run off with still streaming.

The exchange at the end is great:

Woman: What's that?

Woman: What you running for?

Woman: What you got?

Woman: Let me check it out

Man: Huh

Woman: Are you (running?)

Man: iPhone 6

Woman: Huh?

Man: iPhone 6

Woman: Where'd you get it from

Man: Some nigga

Comment: GPS vs. Maps. Fight! (Score 1) 236

by clam666 (#48313321) Attached to: The Plane Crash That Gave Us GPS

GPS is great and works most of the time. The problem is the maps have no consideration whatsoever. Especially nautical charts.

GPS may be accurate, but overlay that with charts and I'm sailing through downtown Cleveland for what good they are. I can't count the false reality they attempt to project.

If part of that $10 billion was allocated to making sure the maps and the GPS coordinates were on more than a nodding acquaintance, then I'd at least run into land a lot less.

Comment: My experiences have been good (Score 1) 253

I've always had good experiences with recruiters. I refuse to even work with HR departments unless I'm getting a job through a direct social contact and get specifically hired.

For those that have bad experiences with recruiters, I don't know what to say. I give them all my resume and project information, we socialize what the compensation is back and forth depending on the gig and go from there. Maybe I've just had good recruiters, but at most I go for one interview and get the gig or if it doesn't seem to be the right fit, I get the second one. I've never had to go beyond that much work, but, I think a big part of it is I have a fairly narrow and deep specialty with fortune 500 companies (which someone else commented on was a problem) so maybe that's why it hasn't been a big deal with a high demand skillset.

I do, however attempt to avoid HR at all costs. Other than the first day I get the security badge, I never see them again.

Recruiters save me time and energy. If I have a contract ending, or choose to leave my current position for another company, they do all the work. I just have to look nice and show up. I have no interest in going through gyrations to try and find gigs and fax resumes, fill out job websites, I just say what city I'm interested in or what filter criteria I need for any open positions and sit back and watch my money at work..

Comment: Re:Rant Mode Activated (Score 1) 720

by clam666 (#48223537) Attached to: Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

SJW - Social Justice Warriors. You've seen the type, quote a billion statistics and lies, hate everything about anything first world countries and love to talk about the trials and tribulations about PoCs (People of Color) while treating them like ignorant animals and disdain.

Usually they've gone to college and taken their first class and see the injustices of the world everywhere.

They're all over the interwebs. You could be talking about how you got a raise and are looking forward to finally being able to buy a house, and then they'll say "You know, some people only live on $2 a day...." and try to make you feel bad about yourself. Or that you just had really hot kinky sex with your spouse and then "You know, all sex is rape because women can't conciously consent...." it's like they're in permanent buzzkill mode.

Comment: Rant Mode Activated (Score 1) 720

by clam666 (#48221557) Attached to: Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

I know slashdot loves SJWs, but they've irritated the fuck out of me for years here.

I knew the post wasn't technology based when it contains lines like that while it may be true for McDonald's to say that its tech plans will improve customer experience, the move is also "a convenient justify a reduction in the chain's global workforce."

Can't we just discuss the technology about how it would be to order food this way? Why does is always comes down to some retarded "WHAT ABOUT DER CHILDREN" every time? I didn't see anyone complaining about the internet killing the travel agent business, doctors killing the bloodbowl makers business, or when the internet changed the journalism business? Why is changing your ordering capabilities so detrimental to the world?

A convenient way to reduce their workforce? Those bastards! That workforce wouldn't be made up of a bunch of PoCs that desperately need white people to help them would they since they won't survive on their own without a bit of noblesse oblige? Desperately clinging to their jobs with single tears running down their faces? Is sarah mclaughlin singing about them? That's the height of arrogance and insulting.

"Today Fred Smith announced he was cutting back on the number of his girlfriends, deciding that it was easier and more fair to concentrate on one girlfriend, but critics point out that he was conveniently saving money by not spending it on 5 other women. This change will naturally causes economic waves as these other poor women won't have their social lives subsidized any more. Who will help their social welfare? One woman was quoted as saying, 'You used to be able to support a family of four on one boyfriend. Now what am I going to do? Go back to school to learn how to dress like a slut? Do you know many girl's social lives are less than $2 a day? And 1 in 4 women have to date someone in IT? "

Have people ever actually run a business before? They're talking about using kiosks to improve the customer experience, and it desperately needs improving. The phrase "they fuck you at the drive through" isn't new by any means. I'd say I'm lucky if I get my food successfully 50% of the time, and this is from a workforce that cannot manage to follow instructions of instructions on how to make my food and then manage to put it into a bag successfully.

Sorry again, one employee manages to assemble and microwave my food correctly, and the other manages to put it into a bag. And they have a failure rate of 50% in that complicated ordering pipeline. I assume it's because their brain pans are filled with mayonaise.

I, for one, welcome our new kiosk overlords. I'd like the warm fuzzy feeling in my balls when I can push pictures and get what the picture looks like even 75% of the time. I'll take an increase in customer satisfaction any day over having to spell my order out 6 times and then wonder why this person wasn't drowned in a river as a baby.

Smart people work at minimum wage, realize it sucks, and GTFO as fast as they can for better pastures. If you're over 21 and still working at minimum wage, you're either medically retarded or you've made severely bad choices in your life, neither one of which I want handling my "food" or whatever McDonalds calls it these days. Continuing to repeatedly fuck my dining ability because of fear of "DER TECKNOLOGY" is retarded. Why don't we applaud the tecnological innovations that would actually improve our lives, and let people worry about their lives and better themselves without our pretend concern for them?

Comment: Re:So what you're telling me (Score 2) 146

by clam666 (#48080755) Attached to: Details of iOS and Android Device Encryption

Yeah really. I canot believe ANYONE would think that LEO is all up in arms that now devices are "encrypted" and the kiddie porn will run rampant.

If you're familiar with public relations tactics, these articles are so damn blatantly obvious.

It's a good deal, google and apple who already work with the government anyway, are now allowed to act like their devices are safe, and the govt. can pretend to act like they're styimed and will never break a case again.

Seriously. Is there anyone stupid enough to believe that the govt. allows encryption techology like this without their control? Or that there aren't backdoor protocols?

Name one thing you can have where the govt. doesn't have you bent over. And people believe they either have, or are allowed to have, something they can't access.

Comment: Re: Here's the solution (Score 1) 577

by clam666 (#48044947) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?
That's why I just format and reinstall every 6 mos. Apps don't matter, data does. I save data offline anyway as part of my retention plan. The OS and everything gets wiped, which eliminates all the app spoor and rootkits and various things that build up. I have no idea why people aren't wiping their system regularly anyway.

Comment: Phone Value (Score 1) 299

No one steals phones to use "the phone" with a new sim. Well, some people do, but they are a tiny tiny minority. The real value is stealing electronics is boxing them up and selling them by the kilo to "resource extractors" for the money. No one who makes this a side business gives a crap about your bricked phone.

Phones, depending on type and the resources in them, have a per kilo value. Like anything, it's volume volume volume.

This is totally about law enforcement stopping free communication. It will not stop theft in the slightest. Anyone telling you this has some deterrant about theft is an idiot at best and lying at worst.

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