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Comment Re:Talk versus Action (Score 4, Informative) 187

People who attempt suicide often send out multiple signals, many of which are not detected by anyone until after the fact. If a person is seeking attention then they need attention, otherwise their response might be escalation. The parent comment here needs to be modded down here for now knowing what you are talking about, even if you think you are being well meaning.

Comment pomodoro timer (Score 4, Informative) 301

Well, if you can hold your attention on a single task for a short amount of time then I would try the Pomodoro Technique. I had issues similar to what you describe and this has helped me a great deal. Briefly: you pick a task, set the timer (the recommended time is 25 minutes), focus on that one thing, and then reward yourself with a five minute break. Reset timer, repeat. It can become game like, challenging yourself to stay on task until you get to the chime, and the 25 minute boundary seems like the right level of challenge versus attainability. Lots of free software/apps out there to help you with it.

Comment Re:Where is the "mark for deletion" button? (Score 5, Informative) 504

Well, circa 1986 I worked as a photographer for a newspaper and we commonly used "photog" to refer to ourselves. What do I do at the paper, "I'm a photog." Who is covering the big game, "You're the photog, now get to the stadium." Why does Joe smell funny, "That is stop bath, he's a photog."

Detractors in this thread are reading way to much into it, this is not an assault on the language.

Comment try using your brain less and tools more (Score 1) 684

As a 39 year old psychologist one month away from the big four oh and noticing cognitive slowdown, I would suggest trying not to force the issue but look for a way to hack it. I started using David Allen's Getting Things Done system three years ago and - yeah I know gimmicky business thing blah blah -- it is actually a great way to relieve yourself from having to remember things.

On the technical end I run Tracks to manage my work, there are a lot of GTD-related programs so shop around.


OpenOffice Vs. Google Apps 336

jammag writes "Both OpenOffice and Google Apps are free, so the choice is purely down to which is better. Bruce Byfield, after looking at both, concluded, 'comparing Google Apps to is like clubbing a staked-out bunny — Google Apps is so far behind that the whole exercise seems like an exercise in pointless cruelty.' Ouch, that hurts."

Submission + - OLPC News: OLPC Give 1 Get 1 Program: XO-1 Laptop->

wayan writes: "Oh My God! The event every geek has dreamed about for the last year is now here: OLPC XO laptop sales will start November 12th with promised delivery by Christmas in a Buy 1 Get 1 program from OLPC. $399 buys a XO laptop for you and one for a child in the developing world — Nicholas Negroponte's way to keep OLPC demand going when he's not getting government orders to fill Quanta's production line."
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The Internet

Tool Detects "In-Flight" Webpage Alterations 197

TheWoozle writes "In a follow-up to a recent story about ISPs inserting ads into web pages, the University of Washington security and privacy research group has teamed with the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) to develop an online tool to help you identify if your ISP is inserting ads or otherwise modifying the web pages you request."

Submission + - Mass Stalking Organized On Facebook

Jack Action writes: "Police in Cambridge, Ontario are investigating a 700-hundred member Facebook group that was dedicated to harassing and posting humiliating photos of a black, apparently homeless woman. Called "Obeeba Sightings" (the name group administers gave to the woman), Facebook members called the woman racist and sexually explict names, and called for her to be run over by a car and put in a trash compactor. In their response to the incident, Cambridge police indicated Facebook cooperated fully with them in their investigation to the point of handing over IP addresses for all those involved in the group; at which point Facebook shut down the group. Police say it is the worst case of online harassment they have ever seen.

Recent research indicates Facebook is homogeneous even by the standards of the internet, and that members of social networks are more likely to "cyber-bully." Is this a sign that cyber-bulling will get worse as social networks make themselves more like-minded and exclusive? Should companies like Facebook be held responsible for the bad behaviour of their members? Or is this just the nature of distance and anonymity on the internet?"

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