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Comment Re:Good idea (Score 1) 265

Ugh, no kidding.

The first thing you have to do on any new Firefox installation is install Classic Theme Restorer and Status 4 Evar to get rid of the clusterfuck that is pretty much the entirety of their "improvements" in the last several years.

And even with that it's still a better browser than anything else out there.

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 108

Slashbonk: Technology news for cavemen, stuff that splatters.

1. Hacking with blunt objects
2. Encryption by smashing to pieces
3. Decryption? Make the cave-women do it!
4. Bronze vs. rocks, does it matter?
5. Will your job be outsourced to Pangaea?
6. How to tell if you are on Pangaea
8. How to get more cave-women into smashing
7. When to run from volcanoes
9. Numbering lists correctly
10. What are numbers?
11. What are lists?
12. Does it run Cavix?

Comment Re:This is not in the least surprising (Score 1) 99

There've been lots of studies finding "psychological differences between the sexes". But when you look into them the statistical correlations are usually terribly weak, barely above statistical significance. And you have to question how much you can trust them anyway. Remember that metastudy that showed that half of all psychological studies can't be reproduced? I downloaded their study data. Every topic related to gender differences was in the "couldn't be reproduced" category. Now, of course that's a tiny fraction of all research that they attempted to reproduce. There surely are psychological differences, even ones that aren't pure upbringing/society related. But its important not to overplay the amount or degree of them.

Comment Re:Anyone else with security concerns? (Score 2) 265

How is gmail (an email provider, with a web UI) competition to Thunderbird (an email client)?

Gmail's web interface as an interface to Gmail is competition for Thunderbird as an interface to Gmail.

I use Thunderbird to read and send emails on my gmail account

That depends on how long Google continues to offer Gmail access through other clients without charge.

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 133

Indies are huge on PC (as they are on mobile), so that's all left. [...] Heck, while there are a few stubbornly PC only developers, many former PC only developers branched out to consoles

So in your opinion, at what point does a PC game developer stop being "indie" and start being "stubborn"?

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 133

That'd be fine if there were viable PC counterparts to certain console exclusives. Does PC have a flagship fighting game with terrain and platforms (like Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, which are flat plane fighters)? Does PC have a flagship kid-friendly third-person shooter (like Splatoon)?

Comment Re:Politically incorrect fact (Score 1) 149

But the Get Windows 10 app will not let me proceed, instead telling me that NVIDIA has not made the GPU compatible and giving a link to shop for a new PC. Should I take a screenshot? Is there a recommended half-height discrete GPU to use instead of the integrated one? (Because the case is compact, a full-height GPU will not fit.) Should I follow the instructions in this thread to create USB install media? Or should I just leave that PC at Windows 7 and then attempt to Linux it once Windows 7 reaches end of extended support in a few years?

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