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Comment The answer to all this is under our noses (Score 1) 132

OK, so what are we going to do? Rape the sea for sponges? Or let the pharamceutical co's use more oil for the production of a compound that IS destined to fail? carvalhao sort of has the right idea, but I think using potentially harmlful virus to attack bacteria is the wrong way to go. He/She is right about the changing aspect of it though. But, why not have something that is different every year and yet is essentially the same? When MRSA started making headlines I did some searching to find out more. I came across a website that links to another with worldwide research. The first is "The Very Essence" (some links below to relevant articles) and it cites (which collects medical research articles from around the world.) The thing that gets me is that BigPharma (not a big fan) finds things that work, finds a way to duplicate what they think is the KEY ingredient, manufacture it by manipulating the chemical structure of crude oil, and sell it for a fortune. Then they turn around and say that the natural remedies don't work! Anyway, I am starting to get my bile up so I will stop before I blow a blood vessel.

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