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Comment Re: Software engineer fails to understand business (Score 1) 133


This so much I worked for a company (had 8 devs) that implemented profit sharing and in the beginning it felt like a good idea but after awhile I realized that half of the devs either were (or became) slackers and still got a big bonus at the end of the year.

Comment For me yes it is (Score 1) 352

I recently stumbled upon Apple's headline for version 2 of its Swift programming language: "Now everyone can build amazing apps." My question: is this what we really need?

As someone who regularly fixes software built by morons I see my career never going away.

Build on clueless, build on....

Comment Re:why is Eric snowden an expert on security (Score 0) 196

A source "with detailed knowledge on the matter" told Reuters that hiring screeners for Booz Allen had found some details of Snowden's education that "did not check out precisely," but decided to hire him anyway

Resume falsified, yup sounds like a typical "expert" to me.

Comment Small game developers like... (Score 1) 126

some developers of smaller games that take less time to play through are worried that this will lead to abuse

You mean the pay-to-play and the pay-to-win developers then?

These days I tend to watch gamers on twitch play a new game before I commit to see if I will enjoy the game play, also to see if they can finish it in one stream session.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 374

So far I don't see any perf issues with the rig I am running (older i5, 4GB RAM, Intel GPU 1TB HD). However I do see issues with the entire start menu feature. That is so buggy and full of UI consistencies I feel that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot with OEMs and power users.

Since most power users know not to install any MS OS that has not seen the "SP1" update and OEMs are not willing to take a bath like Win8 MS needs to release a "it just works" version.

Also its possible that the idea of the "free" version makes early adopters the final bug testers. I know that I will be waiting till the last possible moment to get the free version installed unless it looks like things work pretty good from the get go.

Comment That easy to detect... whew! (Score 1) 216

2015-05-19 Malware pretending to be PuTTY

A Symantec blog post warns that a trojaned copy of PuTTY has been detected in the wild. Fortunately, it's easily recognisable by its version identification ("Unidentified build, Nov 29 2013 21:41:02"). If you've encountered this version, we suggest you treat any machine that's run the malicious version as potentially compromised, change any passwords that might have been stolen, and resecure the accounts they protect.

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