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Comment: Re:Still in classic Google Maps (Score 3, Interesting) 255

by cjellibebi (#45978619) Attached to: Google Removes "Search Nearby" Function From Updated Google Maps

[...] streamlining the interfaces, Apple-style (motto: "It's either easy or it's impossible").

This sums up nicely the trend towards dumbed down user-interfaces. They're spending so much time on making these gadgets and services accessible to the masses that the power-users are utterly being left out.

Comment: Broken neural networks (Score 1) 124

by cjellibebi (#44314151) Attached to: If a Network Is Broken, Break It More
I think I heard somewhere (early 1990's IIRC) that someone did a study with a neural network where they randomly disconnected nodes (I can't remember what type of neural network it was). At first, the output was gibberish, but when more nodes were disconnected, the output resembled things that were some of the first things the network had learned. Someone likened this to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey where when HAL was gradually being shut down, HAL recited "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Comment: *cough*prerequisiteknowledge*cough* (Score 1) 637

by cjellibebi (#41973951) Attached to: Study Claims Human Intelligence Peaked Two To Six Millennia Ago

Bear in mind that the Curiosity rover, it's parts and all the pre-requisite science was not thought up by a single person. The design probably used many pre-existing parts that had been used in previous space-missions - several of which were not designed by the Curiosity designer (or design-team). These parts have been developed and refined over the years. As for the science behind the parts and the missions, that was defined over the course of the centuries by countless intellectuals.

So basically, what it boils down to is that an intelligent person today has a lot more pre-existing knowledge to play with than an intelligent person from 1000BCE.

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