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Comment Three Words (Score 1) 108

Near. Field. Communications.

It seems pretty irresponsible to me that pacemakers and other implantable medical devices are accessible via WiFi and/or cellular data. Communication with the device in question should require a proximity measured in inches. Yes, it might still be possible with a strong transmitter and a sensitive receiver to extend that range to some tens of feet; but in that case the success of the attack is way less likely than one which can be launched from almost anywhere in the world.

Comment Re:Why (Score 4, Insightful) 965

"Caliphate. Sharia."

Do you really think france will just abandon their tradition of a very liberal atheist society because of a few terror attacks? "Welp guys, it was a good run for the last few hundred years, but now its time to give sharia a try. Can't afford any more dead bodies!".

No. the only objective of terrorists is to bring terror. They do this so that they can divide the populace, and push un-radicalized muslims over the edge to make more terrorists. They want the non muslims to hate the muslims MORE by these actions (if it even was islamists, we dont know at this point). So your really just playing into the hands of the terrorists by spouting your islamophobias, and joining them on the hate train.

The correct solution is to treat this as a crime, like any other and punish those responsible. Don't go trampling on the rights of ALL muslims / citizens because of a few extremists. That is the objective of terrorist acts!!

But that's how the french would/should deal with it. Americans would deal with it by over-reacting, invading countries, and creating more terrorists in the middle east. See how well that worked for you guys? No worries, you'll get it at some point. You cant fight terrorism with more violence. It's a never ending cycle, and thats exactly what the islamists want!!!! perpetual instability.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 406

Would you call a core 2 duo ancient then? About the same age now as your XT then.

For what its worth, around the same time I was in a school that had loads of XT's and maybe one or two x86s. I believe the XTs were on a token ring network with a giant hub in the middle of the room and cables as thick as extension cords. So yes, they were quite common in 1992 and not at all ancient. This was the system that they taught school kids to type. In fact, i remember even using XT's in the school environment as late as 1997.

I'd say 20 years minimum is needed for something to be called "ancient" in computing.

Comment fuck so called geniuses (Score 1) 93

I would never want to work for them. I much prefer my current work environment where no one yells at eachother and everyone is friendly and apologizes sincerely when they screw up.

Trust me, I have worked at places where everyone yells at each other, has fights in the office (as opposed to disagreements behind closed doors) etc, and I wouldn't trade my current work environment for more money in those organizations.

A dick who is a genius is still a dick. The archetypal "house" type character. Do you want to be a genius alone and alienated?, because that's what happens when you treat people like shit.

What a "genius" anyway? those people in the apple store at the mall, right? Maybe apple can copyright that term so no one can ever refer to themselves as a genius again.

Comment Re:What information was muzzled? (Score 1) 197

CBC News ? really ? This must be the most politically biased media in the country... There is no reason for this company to be public, if not being a cash-cow for "artists" and unions...

Hyperbole AND off topic - good show! So you don't trust the CBC, eh? Then how about Global News?


x0ra ? really ? This must be the most politically biased member of Slashdot... There is no reason for this member to be here, if not being an apologist shill for Conservatives and corporations...

Comment Re: Deja vu (Score 0) 197

You think the guy who grew up in the household seeing daddy say, "Just watch me" is going to be good for the country?? Scientists unmuzzled? Don't make me laugh. Civil liberties in Canada are now walking dead... Mark my words, Canada is fucked.

Another Canadian here. I don't entirely agree with you, but you've made a reasonable argument in a reasonable tone. Fucked if I know why you were downmodded. People really need to get out of the habit of modding down out of mere disagreement with a point of view.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 2) 108

I wonder how large the difference is between 3D printer resin and the stuff my dentist uses - especially since the UV exposure time for dental resin seems really short. Mercury amalgam fillings are probably bad for health, but maybe resin fillings aren't a whole lot better.

Comment Re:A sample of the actual 61-question census (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Uh canadians want it. That's why we turfed the conservatives. Anyone with any sort of science background, as well as pretty much all educated citizens do want the gathering of more information about the populace. Judging by trudeau's selection of ministers, he is doing a great job at putting people in power who are actually knowledgeable about what they are supposed to be the ministers of. I know good government is not something americans can comprehend, so i forgive you for your ignorance.

Considering youre an american, you can stfu with what you think canadians want as you are obviously not a canadian and not informed on these issues. You are just going off half cocked with your american crap rhetoric. Save it for your own government which we can all agree is corrupt as shit. But hey you put them there, so you have only yourself to blame.

Fix your own shit before commenting on other countries choices.

Comment Re:so whats easier (Score 1) 109

Totally agree with everything you just said.

Exploiting basic human urges is simply a more cost effective means to ensure people who already watch this shit, continue to watch it.

This doesn't apply only to TV and consumerism. Conscious manipulation of large populations goes at least as far back as our transition from hunter-gatherers to storers of food and, by extension, wealth. It may go back even farther. It's the old 'bread and circuses' concept. But at some point the people being manipulated catch on to the fact, and then revolution is likely. I keep wondering why we haven't had one already - perhaps people are now so brainwashed that they will never wake up?

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 140

All the focus should be on the content!

No, the focus should be on allowing the user to view, organize, and access the content in a way that is intuitive and convenient. Of course, the components of this ideal are vastly different across the user base - hence Firefox addons and 'about:config'. Firefox's market share has gone down as Mozilla has tried to force a more uniform, less configurable browser experience on their users - I doubt that a new browser with even less configurability is going to gain much traction.

Comment A page from the Jesuit playbook (Score 1) 170

Ignatius Loyola is purported to have said "Give me a child until he is seven, and he will be mine forever". Sounds like The Zuck believes that too.

The sad thing is that a large percentage of the population-at-large will probably think this initiative is a good thing, instead of seeing the dangers inherent in it. What better way to extend and entrench the hold that corporations have on the lives of 'free' citizens?

"Free markets select for winning solutions." -- Eric S. Raymond