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Comment How I deal with it (Score 3, Insightful) 131

"Learning to deal with people looking at their cell phones during conversation"

I immediately stop talking and if the person notices, they will usually apologize. If they don't notice after a few seconds then i turn and walk away.

Call me crazy but I don't have a cel phone. At home I have a computer and and work I have a computer so I don't really need one in between, or when I am out and about enjoying myself. I guess I am an extreme minority now, but I will never be one of these zombies you see everywhere. I like to be aware of what is going on around me. I believe that not connected time, simply staring at the scenery on the train for instance, helps one to think and process things. No one thinks anymore, they just look down at their phones and distract themselves.

I can appreciate that cel phones are a useful tool, but the way people treat them is so bad I can't stomach the thought of owning one.

Not to mention all the persistent tracking and other horrible privacy concerns. Not to mention the upfront multi hundred dollar cost and the $50+ monthly cost... I guarantee that the only phones I ever own and use will be feature phones that make and receive calls only. I don't need a little TV turning my mind to mush and tracking me all the while.

Comment Re:Agree with content, not the name (Score 1) 232

Pretense? Sorry, I don't understand.

Otherwise, I suppose the post is a bit snarky, but I wasn't trolling, (I don't do that, at least not consciously), and what I said is an accurate expression of what I believe to be true. But if what I've said, (or the way I've said it), makes me more difficult to communicate with, then I apologize, and thank you for the heads-up.

Comment Re:Agree with content, not the name (Score 2) 232

I could spend hours discussing "Classical" versus Industrial education.

I totally agree, and have been pointing out the distinction to anybody who'll listen for 20 or 30 years. However, what you call "classical education", I simply call "education", while what you call "industrial education", I call "job training".

...we wonder why people can't think critically, defend their own position, and perceive that disagreements with their opinions are personal attacks.

Unfettered critical thinking among average citizens is not what corporate overlords want. People who can think critically and effectively, might put aside the bread and circuses and start asking embarrassing questions about concentration of wealth, war as an economic instrument, the propagandistic nature of Prime Time TV, corporations as persons, the 'economy' as a Ponzi scheme, etc.

Submission + - Lightning wipes storage disks at Google data center->

An anonymous reader writes: A lightning storm in Belgium last Thursday hit Google’s St Ghislain data center causing power loss and damage to disk storage, leaving some customers without access to data. The facility was hit directly by four successive lightning strikes which immediately took down the centre’s operations from Thursday 13th until Monday 17th August, according to Google. Despite the uncontrollable nature of the incident, Google has accepted full responsibility for the blackout and promises to upgrade its data center storage hardware, increasing its resilience against power outages.
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Comment Re:approval (Score 1, Informative) 90

Indeed. They should shut all the facilities down, euthanize the animals that have no hope of being reintroduced to the wild and outlaw the importation or breeding of whales and dolphins.

There are rescue organizations and zoos that would be happy to take many of these animals, that they're in captivity is one issue but it's not as important as their mistreatment. When Sea World can't use a whale in an act, they use it to breed more performing animals; if they can't use it to breed, they throw it away, either to a rescue organization or a smaller, even less reputable park.

And, even if we had to euthanize every last one, at least we could say that no other whales would ever be pressed into this kind of service, which would be a good.

Oh, and fuck Sea World's investors.

I'm not exactly sure how someone's right to profits balances against concrete harms visited on intelligent creatures, for no other purpose than doing tricks in front of a paying audience.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 0, Flamebait) 207

Game art is already designed by designers and artists. Game music is composed by musicians and composers.

Don't waste your time studying art, just hire artists!

Game design is created by people who understand that mere game art and music alone does not make a good game.

What part of game "design" isn't art, exactly? This is an interesting perspective: programmers make games, and they subcontract all the "Art" out to vendors. I've done sound design for some video games so I definitely run into this perspective a lot, I think it's kinda sick and it sorta denies the essential creative act of making a game.

Basically you have a bunch of artists making stuff, and then you present your work to developers and the PMs, and uniformly, I've found the devs are totally inarticulate, and either don't really know what they want, and they are totally unoriginal and if you let them do whatever they wanted, they'd just have you remake all the Titanfall assets in different colors (or with more reverb and low-end). Dev don't communicate, they never want to talk to you, they got no vision for how they want this game to be different from every other one, and to them, the "artists" are just columns on a spreadsheet.

Comment Re:What about GitHub? (Score 0) 141

Brendan Eich voluntarily resigned as the CEO of a nonprofit when it was revealed he, publicly, advocated including LGBT communities and their input in the Mozilla project, but privately supported a campaign to deny LGBT people their constitutional rights.

He didn't lose his job for his beliefs, he lost his job because he was the head of a huge non-profit and it transpired he was duplicitous and had no integrity.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 5, Insightful) 519

Releasing something for free on the internet does not guarantee you a right to profit. I would think by your low user id you would have got this very basic fact by now.

Advertising is cancer. It warps the mind to consume, causes needy people, mental problems and over-consumption. Something we cannot afford in this new century. Advertising wastes, time, money, bandwidth and fills peoples heads with garbage. Advertising should be banned. Its nothing more than for profit mind control.

Comment quit in 2006 (Score 1) 129

Yeah i quit in 2006 or so upon realizing that the level cap of 60 would keep being raised so that my magisters gear that i spent months grinding for would be all but worthless. That wikipedia says blizzard currently has 7.1 million players is mind boggling. I guess if you invest so much time into something you dont want to leave and have it all have been "meaningless".

I had some great times from release till i quit, that's for sure. But having to be on raids that took 6+ RL hours was a bit tedious and the forced obsolescence of gear is what really makes it completely pointless. They have to keep increasing the level cap because once you have all the gear you lust after, there is little point to playing anymore. So its really a catch 22.

Can't believe its still going strong after all these years. I really thought it wouldn't last past 2008 or so, but they keep making more expansions.

Comment Re:You guys understand why they're doing this, rig (Score 2) 43

The prices for engineers are quite high, and the PR cost in importing them is also quite high, so they're pouring money into education as a long-term investment in driving down the cost of developers in the future.

That's like a 5-10 year plan. The messaging here is that Microsoft wants engineers from the US and wants people to become computer programmers, and they're doing "everything they can" to stimulate it, so just let us hire all the H1Bs we want this quarter. The messaging presents the premise that "there aren't enough engineers" in the US, thus H1Bs are justified today. "Maybe in the future" this situation will change, but for now we "have to" have "targeted, short term high-skill immigration reforms."

Nadella and the people involved might just love computer science and want to share it with the world, these things do happen.

You don't have to be Mitt Romney to question PBS's announcement that it will air the Microsoft-funded 'reality' show Code Trip

Why are we supposed to question it, exactly? Is it some question of MS influencing PBS programming? That couldn't be it, considering how dependent PBS is on corporate sponsorship.

Is it that the program itself sounds sorta fluffy and probably won't reach a wide audience, but it'll be a boondoggle that MS can use for tax evasion, while getting the Center for Public Broadcasting and several charitable foundations to pay for what essentially Microsoft's public relations? Maybe.

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