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Comment Re:Why (Score 4, Insightful) 965

"Caliphate. Sharia."

Do you really think france will just abandon their tradition of a very liberal atheist society because of a few terror attacks? "Welp guys, it was a good run for the last few hundred years, but now its time to give sharia a try. Can't afford any more dead bodies!".

No. the only objective of terrorists is to bring terror. They do this so that they can divide the populace, and push un-radicalized muslims over the edge to make more terrorists. They want the non muslims to hate the muslims MORE by these actions (if it even was islamists, we dont know at this point). So your really just playing into the hands of the terrorists by spouting your islamophobias, and joining them on the hate train.

The correct solution is to treat this as a crime, like any other and punish those responsible. Don't go trampling on the rights of ALL muslims / citizens because of a few extremists. That is the objective of terrorist acts!!

But that's how the french would/should deal with it. Americans would deal with it by over-reacting, invading countries, and creating more terrorists in the middle east. See how well that worked for you guys? No worries, you'll get it at some point. You cant fight terrorism with more violence. It's a never ending cycle, and thats exactly what the islamists want!!!! perpetual instability.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 406

Would you call a core 2 duo ancient then? About the same age now as your XT then.

For what its worth, around the same time I was in a school that had loads of XT's and maybe one or two x86s. I believe the XTs were on a token ring network with a giant hub in the middle of the room and cables as thick as extension cords. So yes, they were quite common in 1992 and not at all ancient. This was the system that they taught school kids to type. In fact, i remember even using XT's in the school environment as late as 1997.

I'd say 20 years minimum is needed for something to be called "ancient" in computing.

Comment fuck so called geniuses (Score 1) 93

I would never want to work for them. I much prefer my current work environment where no one yells at eachother and everyone is friendly and apologizes sincerely when they screw up.

Trust me, I have worked at places where everyone yells at each other, has fights in the office (as opposed to disagreements behind closed doors) etc, and I wouldn't trade my current work environment for more money in those organizations.

A dick who is a genius is still a dick. The archetypal "house" type character. Do you want to be a genius alone and alienated?, because that's what happens when you treat people like shit.

What a "genius" anyway? those people in the apple store at the mall, right? Maybe apple can copyright that term so no one can ever refer to themselves as a genius again.

Comment Re:A sample of the actual 61-question census (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Uh canadians want it. That's why we turfed the conservatives. Anyone with any sort of science background, as well as pretty much all educated citizens do want the gathering of more information about the populace. Judging by trudeau's selection of ministers, he is doing a great job at putting people in power who are actually knowledgeable about what they are supposed to be the ministers of. I know good government is not something americans can comprehend, so i forgive you for your ignorance.

Considering youre an american, you can stfu with what you think canadians want as you are obviously not a canadian and not informed on these issues. You are just going off half cocked with your american crap rhetoric. Save it for your own government which we can all agree is corrupt as shit. But hey you put them there, so you have only yourself to blame.

Fix your own shit before commenting on other countries choices.

Comment Re:The argument from environmentalism... (Score 1) 112

You must be high dude. No environmentalist would make that argument. Its a fake argument.

the weed dealer drives around town burning gas to get the weed to you. the grower uses tonnes of electricity because he has to work indoors. the lighter has butane in it. the papers were harvested from virgin forests... and other stupid arguments. You cant extrapolate down so much, your just making fun of the environmental movement.

If you were a runner you would know that it makes you a better walker, you are then able to handle public transit without keeling over, which is one of the best ways to cut your own carbon footprint.

Dont make stupid arguments because then you just look stupid.

Comment Just as good as rooting an android? (Score 1) 241

I wonder as they keep mentioning "browser blocking" if it is as effective as the way a rooted android phone blocks ads. I dont have said phone, but as I understand it, the android adblocking will block ads in applications as well (some sort of host file block?) which by the sound of it, this does not do.

Anyone got any info? Has android lost the superiority wars in terms of adblocking?

Comment How I deal with it (Score 3, Insightful) 137

"Learning to deal with people looking at their cell phones during conversation"

I immediately stop talking and if the person notices, they will usually apologize. If they don't notice after a few seconds then i turn and walk away.

Call me crazy but I don't have a cel phone. At home I have a computer and and work I have a computer so I don't really need one in between, or when I am out and about enjoying myself. I guess I am an extreme minority now, but I will never be one of these zombies you see everywhere. I like to be aware of what is going on around me. I believe that not connected time, simply staring at the scenery on the train for instance, helps one to think and process things. No one thinks anymore, they just look down at their phones and distract themselves.

I can appreciate that cel phones are a useful tool, but the way people treat them is so bad I can't stomach the thought of owning one.

Not to mention all the persistent tracking and other horrible privacy concerns. Not to mention the upfront multi hundred dollar cost and the $50+ monthly cost... I guarantee that the only phones I ever own and use will be feature phones that make and receive calls only. I don't need a little TV turning my mind to mush and tracking me all the while.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 5, Insightful) 519

Releasing something for free on the internet does not guarantee you a right to profit. I would think by your low user id you would have got this very basic fact by now.

Advertising is cancer. It warps the mind to consume, causes needy people, mental problems and over-consumption. Something we cannot afford in this new century. Advertising wastes, time, money, bandwidth and fills peoples heads with garbage. Advertising should be banned. Its nothing more than for profit mind control.

Comment quit in 2006 (Score 1) 129

Yeah i quit in 2006 or so upon realizing that the level cap of 60 would keep being raised so that my magisters gear that i spent months grinding for would be all but worthless. That wikipedia says blizzard currently has 7.1 million players is mind boggling. I guess if you invest so much time into something you dont want to leave and have it all have been "meaningless".

I had some great times from release till i quit, that's for sure. But having to be on raids that took 6+ RL hours was a bit tedious and the forced obsolescence of gear is what really makes it completely pointless. They have to keep increasing the level cap because once you have all the gear you lust after, there is little point to playing anymore. So its really a catch 22.

Can't believe its still going strong after all these years. I really thought it wouldn't last past 2008 or so, but they keep making more expansions.

Comment Re:Not shared by everyone (Score 1) 637

You don't agree that there is more c02 in the atmosphere than a hundred years ago? You don't agree that more c02 causes a "greenhouse" type effect?

You can argue about how long its going to take us to be completely fucked, but you can't argue that the effect is not occurring.
Well maybe in america you can, but the rest of the world has kind of accepted that man made climate change is real and currently changing the environment in a negative way.

The solution is obviously to get off fossil fuels. You can be skeptical of the details, as long as you agree with the basic premise that humans are causing long term changes in the climate.

How we fix it is yes of course open for debate, that we need to fix it, not so much. If you don't agree with the above, you can claim you are anything you like, but you would be a denier by most peoples reckoning.

Comment Re:Feminist bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 950

"This is clearly damaging behaviour."

Bullshit. I spent my 20s playing video games after work every day and weekend, watched tonnes of porn, same as the people in this article. My 30s are full of children and well adjusted family life. Its like anything, some people grow out of it, and some let it take over their lives.

You should say, TO SOME PEOPLE this is clearly damaging behaviour. I would submit that those are the same people that would easily find something else to damage themselves with if not for porn and video games.

In summary, its just a bunch of hot air. In past ages these young men would go to war, join a cult, or bury themselves in their work.
Obviously you want your kids to have limits on their computer time, but once they are in their 20s they are enough of an adult to realize what they want, make their own decisions. Drinking, drugs and video games is as good of a way to spend your life as any other when you have no real obligations.

Society doesn't really make many productive things for young men to do in the evenings. The two I can think of that are the most popular when i was a 20 something were waste money on clubs/bars or exercise. You cant exercise more than a few hours a day, and most 20 something are dead broke because of all the income inequality in our lovely world. A 20 year old with no family has very few time sinks. What is the alternative? what should these kids be doing? buying $7 beers at the club trying to impress whores? Volunteering at a church? get real! Video games are cheap, porn is free. That's why they are successful and people are into them as hobbies. Not because peoples brains are changing or some such bullshit. Im pretty sure guys always liked playing games and naked ladies.

Comment Re:Looks like the prophet's gunmen (Score 1) 1097

" I'd have a pistol at work is that I'd like to have it with me before and after work. Those two times are when most of the running around/errands get done"

I'd wager that to most non americans, this sounds completely insane. Like requiring a tank to go buy milk.

Of course if everyone else around me was armed, then fuck yes i would be afraid and want to get a gun too!
But the solution to the problem of everyone being armed is not 'more guns', quite the opposite actually.

Comment Re:It wasn't the tweet (Score 1) 185

"45 seconds is not enough for humans to read and understand it, but that is plenty of time for bots. "

I now picture a bunch of counterstrike bots running around TK'ing eachother, running into walls and forcing legitimate players to disconnect. I think that is the entire global financial system in a nutshell.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.