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Comment Re:Since when has /. become tech support? (Score 1) 148

Looks like you are the poster. Sounds like you know a ton about it and still you are wasting slashdots time with your stupid tech support problem.

Why dont you post your question to /r/techsupport? Even if I had the answer I wouldn't give it to you because the last thing I would want is for every idiot with a driver problem getting their own "ask slashdot". Sure. ask slashdots are normally stupid, but yours is particularly stupid, and can only really apply to your specific circumstances and so is not interesting in the slightest. You either find the correct driver, or have to use an OLD OS. Maybe if you were really 133t you could reverse engineer something and at least make an interesting deconstruction of the equipment on your journey. But you aren't 133t, you are the same as every other luser who can't find a driver on the internet.

My response would be, who cares. Who cares that you wasted money on some cheap chinese crap and it doesnt work in windows 7. Cool story bro, except its not even a cool story.

bixe is ruining this place already!!!

Comment Re:Is it really a big issue? (Score 1) 293

"So, we have driverless cars. You still buy insurance to protect yourself and liability."

I think you are missing the point that driverless cars would in theory have zero accidents, as long as everyone else had driverless cars. So the argument is that there is no need for insurance anymore because there will be no accidents.

In BC where there is one insurer and that is the government, i could very well see them dropping rates to zero for driverless people. They would still pay out for acts of god such as a meteor falling on you, or maybe the automakers themselves would pay out seeing as it would be so rare. It could be built into the purchase price of the car. That would work as long as you couldn't override the controls and "go manual". In which case that would be maybe taken into account when insuring or being in an accident. Im sure these new driverless cars could track that and report it to the insurance company, maybe only then do you get a bill.

Regardless, im sure we are AT LEAST 20 years away from driverless cars being mass adopted. We've had electric cars for years and they still haven't reached more than a small percentage of the driving populace. So its kind of pointless to talk about this, like most other futurist topics. Reality has ways of working itself out over time, with solutions and new problems that we can't even imagine now.

Comment Re:Tactics of a different time (Score 1) 166

"Faulting the use of nuclear bombs 60 years ago is similar to faulting men like Jefferson for owning slaves."

Similar in that both actions are morally reprehensible and inexcusable? Your demonetization of japan is simply a rationalization for america unnecessarily murdering millions with atomic bombs. The only country ever to do so.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, two wrongs don't make a right? Except if you get to write the history books and indoctrinate your citizens for the next 70 years that is.

Comment Re:Unison (Score 1) 748

This came up on another site a few weeks ago. 100% of the time, you hit the deer.

Otherwise your insurance will not cover it. Say you swerve, lose control and end up in the ditch and car totaled. Insurance will just say that you totaled your car on purpose and not cover it. So the main thing to remember is, always hit the deer.

Comment Re:It's Intel's fault (Score 1) 115

"Just use a real backplate with screws. Fuck."

Oh great, then i have to unbolt the whole motherboard. F that yo....

For the socket 775 (yes i still run it!) you can buy pins that just clip in. they use the same motherboard holes and a bracket. Much easier than those twisty jobbies that you have to hold the black part while simultaneously twisting and pushing the pin. yuk. Heres a picture of the better design:

The arctic freezer comes with them and two screws to tighten the heatsink down

I always run an aftermarket cooler, even with no overclock because a cool CPU is a happy cpu! And intel stock coolers are fine for some CPUs, but not fine for every cpu they come with, in my experience. Not to mention that some cases are created better than others and cooling is really a holistic thing.

Comment Re:Blow up the world! (Score 1) 171

S[o]me people that believe ... setting off a nuclear weapon would destroy the atmosphere and on and on.

yes, some people like Edward Teller, Oppenheimer and Hans Bethe, hardly unscientific dullards. Then they actually ran the numbers and judged the fear to be unfounded, which you can read about below:

That's called science. I know you don't really understand science or the scientific method, as you don't seem to realize that man made climate change is real. So what can anyone say to you at that point, but that's what happened. Scientists came up with a hypothesis and then tested it to the best of their abilities.

Comment Re:answer: old phone with new battery. (Score 1) 215

"No it wont. most carriers are shutting down the 2G and earlier phone compatibility. by next summer it will not be useable in any way."

False. GSM != 2G data. The 2G carriers will be phasing out is for data transfer, not voice. Most voice calls people make still go over GSM networks, even on your fancy new iphone (at least in canada thats true...). The GSM network won't be going anywhere. So my and others perfectly acceptable non data feature phones will be fine for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:Welp (Score 1) 81

Who are those manufacturers?

Huawei makes a cellular wireless router modem that i was just supporting for a customer last week. Cost like $400 bucks, takes a sim card and i was getting like 80mbps over LTE network. This is for a contractor who works in the field out of their truck. So they are out there, even if they arent as common in the consumer arena as netgear or linksys.

Comment Re:Why (Score 4, Insightful) 965

"Caliphate. Sharia."

Do you really think france will just abandon their tradition of a very liberal atheist society because of a few terror attacks? "Welp guys, it was a good run for the last few hundred years, but now its time to give sharia a try. Can't afford any more dead bodies!".

No. the only objective of terrorists is to bring terror. They do this so that they can divide the populace, and push un-radicalized muslims over the edge to make more terrorists. They want the non muslims to hate the muslims MORE by these actions (if it even was islamists, we dont know at this point). So your really just playing into the hands of the terrorists by spouting your islamophobias, and joining them on the hate train.

The correct solution is to treat this as a crime, like any other and punish those responsible. Don't go trampling on the rights of ALL muslims / citizens because of a few extremists. That is the objective of terrorist acts!!

But that's how the french would/should deal with it. Americans would deal with it by over-reacting, invading countries, and creating more terrorists in the middle east. See how well that worked for you guys? No worries, you'll get it at some point. You cant fight terrorism with more violence. It's a never ending cycle, and thats exactly what the islamists want!!!! perpetual instability.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 406

Would you call a core 2 duo ancient then? About the same age now as your XT then.

For what its worth, around the same time I was in a school that had loads of XT's and maybe one or two x86s. I believe the XTs were on a token ring network with a giant hub in the middle of the room and cables as thick as extension cords. So yes, they were quite common in 1992 and not at all ancient. This was the system that they taught school kids to type. In fact, i remember even using XT's in the school environment as late as 1997.

I'd say 20 years minimum is needed for something to be called "ancient" in computing.

Comment fuck so called geniuses (Score 1) 93

I would never want to work for them. I much prefer my current work environment where no one yells at eachother and everyone is friendly and apologizes sincerely when they screw up.

Trust me, I have worked at places where everyone yells at each other, has fights in the office (as opposed to disagreements behind closed doors) etc, and I wouldn't trade my current work environment for more money in those organizations.

A dick who is a genius is still a dick. The archetypal "house" type character. Do you want to be a genius alone and alienated?, because that's what happens when you treat people like shit.

What a "genius" anyway? those people in the apple store at the mall, right? Maybe apple can copyright that term so no one can ever refer to themselves as a genius again.

Comment Re:A sample of the actual 61-question census (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Uh canadians want it. That's why we turfed the conservatives. Anyone with any sort of science background, as well as pretty much all educated citizens do want the gathering of more information about the populace. Judging by trudeau's selection of ministers, he is doing a great job at putting people in power who are actually knowledgeable about what they are supposed to be the ministers of. I know good government is not something americans can comprehend, so i forgive you for your ignorance.

Considering youre an american, you can stfu with what you think canadians want as you are obviously not a canadian and not informed on these issues. You are just going off half cocked with your american crap rhetoric. Save it for your own government which we can all agree is corrupt as shit. But hey you put them there, so you have only yourself to blame.

Fix your own shit before commenting on other countries choices.

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