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Comment Re:Not shared by everyone (Score 1) 637 637

You don't agree that there is more c02 in the atmosphere than a hundred years ago? You don't agree that more c02 causes a "greenhouse" type effect?

You can argue about how long its going to take us to be completely fucked, but you can't argue that the effect is not occurring.
Well maybe in america you can, but the rest of the world has kind of accepted that man made climate change is real and currently changing the environment in a negative way.

The solution is obviously to get off fossil fuels. You can be skeptical of the details, as long as you agree with the basic premise that humans are causing long term changes in the climate.

How we fix it is yes of course open for debate, that we need to fix it, not so much. If you don't agree with the above, you can claim you are anything you like, but you would be a denier by most peoples reckoning.

Comment Re:Feminist bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 950 950

"This is clearly damaging behaviour."

Bullshit. I spent my 20s playing video games after work every day and weekend, watched tonnes of porn, same as the people in this article. My 30s are full of children and well adjusted family life. Its like anything, some people grow out of it, and some let it take over their lives.

You should say, TO SOME PEOPLE this is clearly damaging behaviour. I would submit that those are the same people that would easily find something else to damage themselves with if not for porn and video games.

In summary, its just a bunch of hot air. In past ages these young men would go to war, join a cult, or bury themselves in their work.
Obviously you want your kids to have limits on their computer time, but once they are in their 20s they are enough of an adult to realize what they want, make their own decisions. Drinking, drugs and video games is as good of a way to spend your life as any other when you have no real obligations.

Society doesn't really make many productive things for young men to do in the evenings. The two I can think of that are the most popular when i was a 20 something were waste money on clubs/bars or exercise. You cant exercise more than a few hours a day, and most 20 something are dead broke because of all the income inequality in our lovely world. A 20 year old with no family has very few time sinks. What is the alternative? what should these kids be doing? buying $7 beers at the club trying to impress whores? Volunteering at a church? get real! Video games are cheap, porn is free. That's why they are successful and people are into them as hobbies. Not because peoples brains are changing or some such bullshit. Im pretty sure guys always liked playing games and naked ladies.

Comment Re:Looks like the prophet's gunmen (Score 1) 1097 1097

" I'd have a pistol at work is that I'd like to have it with me before and after work. Those two times are when most of the running around/errands get done"

I'd wager that to most non americans, this sounds completely insane. Like requiring a tank to go buy milk.

Of course if everyone else around me was armed, then fuck yes i would be afraid and want to get a gun too!
But the solution to the problem of everyone being armed is not 'more guns', quite the opposite actually.

Comment Re:It wasn't the tweet (Score 1) 185 185

"45 seconds is not enough for humans to read and understand it, but that is plenty of time for bots. "

I now picture a bunch of counterstrike bots running around TK'ing eachother, running into walls and forcing legitimate players to disconnect. I think that is the entire global financial system in a nutshell.

Comment Hey google, fix PRINTING! (Score 1) 222 222

I have never successfully printed a map on one page with the new google maps. It makes a godawful mess of it. Most commonly, the map prints in teeny tiny mode that is completely useless.

Clearly, they are favouring smartphones over printed maps which is a real shame because their old product printed maps perfectly. I have tried other maping programs such as mapquest and bingmaps however the address is frequently in the wrong place on both of those.

Comment Windows firewall? Who cares? (Score 1) 348 348

I always disable it on internal networks. Causes problems for the most part and serves no purpose behind a NAT or even a properly firewalled network. Why have two firewalls? (with one of them being a buggy microsoft one)

I used to work with a guy who firewalled everything off from everything else. I am pretty sure he did it for job security, because no one else could figure out the russian doll sequence of firewalls in order to fix any of "his" machines. Luckily he was fired for incompetence after losing the backups for an entire department.

Comment Re:Desired lethality? (Score 3, Interesting) 140 140

You consider someone who bombs people on monday and then again on tuesday not a mass murderer?

"I was only following orders" is not a defence. Most soldiers are probably murderers, unless obviously, they haven't killed someone.

Your point is that people following orders aren't murderers, well that's where we disagree. You kill someone, you are a murderer. A moral judgement on the circumstances is the only thing that makes it palatable and justifiable in some peoples minds.

Comment Cry More Spammer! (Score 1) 130 130

"Canadian businesses, no matter how small, are beholden to this law. Small companies are going to fold left and right because they cannot afford to comply wiht the new regulations, and those that don't try to comply run the risk of paying a huge penalty."

You're an idiot. I have been getting email's all month from like every vendor I have ever dealt with, every company, with an email saying "hey there, please stay in contact with us". So it's hardly killing businesses left and right as you claim. Or even is it really that complex, just judging by the amount of small vendors emailing me. Some don't even use list management, but have an email you can send a message to to confirm. To most I am just ignoring it, because hey, I never did give you permission to email me forever because i bought some product off you 5 years ago! To some I have responded that its OK to email me. This is a great law! That is exactly what I expect from companies.

For our organization, we have been doing double opt in for YEARS. So there was very little to do for us to become compliant.

In short, if you are the "head of IT" for a well run business, you would have 1) already made people opt in for communications years ago, possibly implementing even double opt in and 2) already provide legit unsubscribe links and have very little to do technically to be complaint in this law. If you were doing things properly that is.

Of course if you are one of those businesses that was doing things wrong for years and are now whining about it, well what can I say.

Time to start doing a better job and managing your email lists properly.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 619 619

"nothing can ever possibly be too cheap."

I hope you remember that when you are next negotiating your salary with your employer!

Ignoring the obvious logical errors of making ridiculous absolutist statements, gasoline needs to be more expensive to get people to use less of it. Gas right now is "too cheap" for americans, and to a lesser extent, canadians as well. This is why they waste it buying hummers, SUVs and not taking environmental concerns seriously by funding alternative methods of transport.

So it is precisely too cheap to 1) encourage alternative energy sources and 2) prompt people to cut greenhouse gas emissions and save us all from a runaway climate collapse.

For some perspective, gas hit $1.55/L today in british columbia (they are blaming iraq in the media). Using a value of .92 cents per US dollar and this site: http://boating.ncf.ca/convertg... i can see that we currently pay $5.40USD per US gallon.

I don't mind the cost of gas too much, as it makes me consider more how much I use the car instead of alternatives - no matter how distasteful the public bus system is to me personally. We all have to start sucking it up, and increasing gas prices is a great way to do that. Especially, as I have pointed out before, if your carbon tax is revenue neutral like the one in BC. This means that all of that particular tax revenues go right back to the citizens of BC.

More info: http://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/tbs/t...

We should obviously be taxing the corporations who profit from all this more as well, and using it similarly to fund the above. If we didn't want to go ahead and nationalize oil and gas companies, which would be my preferred course of action.

Companies should not profit on utilities. They should be owned by the people.

Comment Re:Meteor Impact! (Score 1) 784 784

"What if we do all the hard work of fixing the climate, only to get hit by an asteroid and have it all go to shit anyway?"

Wouldn't that mean we solved the hard problems and now have the infrastructure and know-how in place to solve the problem again but quicker and easier?

I think its far easier to troubleshoot and solve the same problem the second time. Considering in your theoretical example that we have already solved the problem once.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 3, Interesting) 627 627

"Most are just variations on "lets tack on a bunch of fines and taxes to make doing certain things unpopular". Which doesn't ACTUALLY address the problem."

If the problem is rampent overconsumption, british columbia proves that increasing taxes does make people use less fuel.

"A report by Sustainable Prosperity entitled BCâ(TM)s Carbon Tax Shift After Five Years:An Environmental (and Economic) Success Story suggested that the policy had been a major success. During the time the tax had been in place, fossil fuel consumption had dropped 17.4% per capita (and fallen by 18.8% relative to the rest of Canada). These reductions occurred across all the fuel types covered by the tax (not just vehicle fuel)."


Yes, I realize that everyone hates all taxes. I am not saying whether it is right or wrong, but the province of BC proves that it is effective at addressing the problem of too much carbon emissions being produced.


Comment Re:Microsoft has no spine. (Score 2) 179 179

"it's amazing to me that we've actually reached the point where MS is getting flack for not adhering strongly enough to planned obsolescence"

After painstakingly upgrading the entire office to windows 7 over the last few years, recommending to all friends family and clients that they NEED to upgrade, I am somewhat conflicted.

Firstly, microsoft is making me look like a lying dick. When I heard about this IE vulnerability, I thought "awesome! now everyone that hummed hawed and complained at me for forcing upgrades will be apologizing!". So i am pretty pissed off that they now go back on their word and still support XP making me look like I didn't know what I was talking about.

On the other hand, I do like companies stepping up and patching bugs in legacy products. So I'm not terribly sure what to feel right now.

When in doubt, be pissed off at M$ I guess! Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I guess they did the "right" thing. But for how long? will they still be patching xp in 2025? I know a guy who still runs windows 98 with kernel extensions or something like that. He loves it!

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