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Comment: Another reason (Score 3, Insightful) 530

by citricshooter (#27083119) Attached to: State of Colorado Calls Firefox Insecure, IE6 Safe
From their FAQ: "Can I use Firefox or another Browser? No! For security reasons, and some significant processing issues as well, the only supported Browser is Internet Explorer Release 6 or later." I suspect the processing issues are the real reasons and they are trying to scare people into not using Firefox so they don't get the phone calls about their site not working.

+ - Will Linux Ever Make it to the Desktop?->

Submitted by BlueParrot
BlueParrot writes: Almost every year someone declares it to be "The Year of the Linux Desktop." Yet, these pundits are wrong-every year. Definitely, Linux has made a lot of progress since the days of Red Hat 6.0, but it still has major architectural problems that have existed since the beginning (and actually, in the pre-Linux days as well).
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+ - Jobs in Computer Forensics?

Submitted by raw-sewage
raw-sewage writes: I recently obtained a copy of Wietse Venema and Dan Farmer's Forensic Discovery. The book has piqued my interest in a career in computer forensics. Does anyone have experience with such a job? What kinds of firms (private or governmental) hire people to perform technological investigations?

+ - Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" to return->

Submitted by
Epeeist writes: "In 1980, the landmark series COSMOS premiered on public television. Since then, it is estimated that more than a billion people around the planet have seen the series. Now the Science Channel brings the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning COSMOS back, digitally remastered and with enhanced computer graphics."
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PC Games (Games)

+ - 2007: PC Gaming Hardware Wrap-up->

Submitted by
Heartless Gamer
Heartless Gamer writes: " has a wrap-up of the year that was in PC gaming hardware (captured via 3DMark06). Not surprising, Nvidia's 8800 series of cards leads the pack, while ATI lags behind significantly. A little surprising, Microsoft Vista and DX10 has had a steady year of growth. In a year of cheaper-than-normal memory, the average amount of RAM per PC is up. Overall, a great analysis of the PC gaming platform."
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+ - Largest Diamond in the galaxy discovered 5

Submitted by morpheus83
morpheus83 writes: Astronomers have discovered the largest diamond in the galaxy, located at a distance of 50 light years from earth in the Constellation Centaurus. The space diamond is virtually an enormous chunk of crystallized carbon, 4,000 kilometers in diameter which makes up ten billion trillion trillion carats or five million trillion trillion pounds. Scientists believe that the diamond is the heart of an extinct star that used to shine like the Sun.

+ - What exactly is

Submitted by rottenSoul
rottenSoul writes: I generally only allow specific cookies in my browser. Recently, I've seen a lot of cookies from 3rd party sites on mainstream sites. It's a web analytics company. Is this doubleclick2 or a harmless cookie? The cookie if different for each site but the root is the same. Here's what I found at

+ - Free Pascal, the number ONE compiler for Android->

Submitted by
hoofdmannetje writes: "Google has announced a contest for their mobile application Android. and they choose Java as their platform. But it turns out that the Free Pascal compiler of the Lazarus open source project is the number ONE compiler for Android project. as you can see on my website The enthousiastic developers of the lazarus project have succeeded in their effort to make a revival of the once very populair Turbo pascal compiler. They are winners. Regards"
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Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - The Secret to Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors 1

Submitted by
Time Slows Down
Time Slows Down writes: "While most people are aware that rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper and paper covers stone, there is a psychological element to the game which many players may have missed. Recent research shows that rock is the most popular of the three possible moves in the game. That means that your opponent is likely to choose paper, because they will expect to you to start the game with stone so by going with scissors, you achieve an early victory. The scissors strategy has proven very successful in the past — in 2005 it secured auction house Christie's a £10 million deal. Rock, paper, scissors is also found in nature. A team of biologists described the curious mating strategies of a species of European lizard where some male lizards (call their type "rock") use force, invade the territory of fellow males to mate with females, others ("paper") favor deception, waiting until females are unguarded and sneaking in, and others ("scissors") work by cooperation, joining together to protect one another's females. Scientists speculate that such games may also describe human behavior in the corporate world, where strategies of force (takeovers), deception (fraud) and cooperation (mergers) also seem to supplant one another in an endless loop."

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