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Comment: Re:Quick question (Score 1) 56

by citizenr (#48599131) Attached to: Raspberry Pi In Space

You know what else is stupid? You :)
Old hat NASA engineers have been repeating that same old story about hardening for years. They all said it cant work, will be unreliable, is a waste of time and money. All until Phonesat was tested and worked.

Today there is over 100 NONhardened satellites in orbit

They cost thousands instead of millions of dollars, and work just fine. You can listen to an interview with one of the founders/engineers here:

Comment: Re:Archive? (Score 1) 219

by citizenr (#48589489) Attached to: Seagate Bulks Up With New 8 Terabyte 'Archive' Hard Drive

Yep, I remember watching some Linux conference about upcoming hot new SMR tech (2 years ago?), and I think they said those drives are read-modify-write on every write, that is the price you have to pay for huge capacities.

They are targeting long term storage, and will be useless for desktop/server use.

Comment: "on this scale" (Score 2) 129

by citizenr (#48490773) Attached to: Graphene May Top Kevlar As a Bullet-Stopping Material

>We cannot use conventional techniques such as a gun barrel or gunpowder [on this scale]

this means they essentially made bulletproof vest for a LEGO figurine, or a green army men

> 2000mph by the gases produced by laser pulses rapidly evaporating a gold film

yep, it will work great next time someone wants to shoot a speck of DUST at you

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