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A modern instrument may sound better right away she says, but an old Italian may be able to produce more colors of sound that only become apparent after months of use, she says.

The phrase "confirmation bias" springs immediately to mind. People hear what they want to hear, and the knowledge that they're playing on a three-century-old, million-dollar violin gives them certain expectations.

If that were the case, then you'd expect them to think the older, more valuable one sounded better right away, not the newer, less special one; so this seems to be a statement against confirmation bias.

This is exactly what the test subject thinks. She chose modern one while blindfolded, but STILL thinks older one is better, because reasons, and $10mil price tag.

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Not because he worked for the sponsor, because sponsor WANTED it and PAID for it and contestants AGREED to it by signing contracts.

Whole game jam was supposed to be a documentary, but along the way someone decided that money is nice and he wants some of it = half a mil sponsorship deal and change of format.

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Well, if the event was sponsored by Pepsi, yes. That's generally one of the conditions for sponsorship.

There's a big difference between putting up Pepsi logos and branding (which everyone involved said they were fine with) and forbidding anyone to use any drink that isn't a Pepsi product, including water and coffee.

umm, no
1 they were allowed water
2 event was PAID FOR by Pepsi. If Pepsi says naked hoola hoops, and you signed contract that stated naked hoola hoops, then shut the f up and dance monkey dance.

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Umm that "consultant" is a very powerful media exec. He MADE his career doing exactly what he did during this game jam. The difference is he is used to targeting Jersey Shore/reality tv of the week on MTV type of audience, 20 something party all night didnt go to college OMG camera lets scream and show our tits people.

Matti Leshem is Pepci go to guy when tehy want to reach young and loud retard crowd. He is not going away anywhere. If anything Pepsi will drop the idea of targetting geeks, after all they are akward and hard to work with.

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