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Comment: all this AC and no tits (Score 2) 179

by citizenr (#47421513) Attached to: Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

or weed, or free speech. In fact you better hide those elbows and knees, or you can be stoned on the street. Did I mention proffered neck line is a turtle neck?
If you are lucky police will be called instead of immediate stoning/being beaten with sticks. Official punishment for dress code violations is 1 month in the slammer.

Dubai - perfect sausage fest vacation destination.

Comment: off the shelf software (Score 3, Informative) 37

They are using PTAM package from Uni of Oxford

Whats more they are using off the shelf ardrone-PTAM package

and replicating something done TWO YEARS AGO by Jens Nyman (from Belgian uni)

so W T F

Comment: Re:And another on the ban pile (Score 1) 289

The drive did go into read only, until power cycled. As documented.

No it didnt, it died when their test software tried to write to it. it :

"is supposed to put the 335 Series in a read-only"

but instead it:

"write errors started appearing in Anvil's Storage Utilities, the application tasked with flooding the SSDs with writes. The Anvil app actually froze"

whole computer stopped and two reboots later there was no drive and no read-only data to access. There was no read only state at any point.

Basically Intel drive died like every other consumer SSD dies, taking all of your goat pr0n with him.

"Those who will be able to conquer software will be able to conquer the world." -- Tadahiro Sekimoto, president, NEC Corp.