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Comment Its not the routers, its the cheap human labour. (Score 1) 66

Vietnam dislikes were only on the first day of dislike flood. Second day saw Venezuela/Czech/Latvia dislikes with no corresponding video views = load page, hit dislike, close page.

You could argue Vietnamese ISP infrastructure is purely secured. But what about Venezuela/Czech/Latvia? What is a simpler more likely explanation, that they all use insecure routers, or maybe that they are all very poor countries with people willing to work as mechanical turks?

As for the Indiegogo Batteriser SCAM itself, it has been thoroughly debunked in this Video:

Batterscam claims this very model of GPS eats Duracell AA batteries in 2hours, and they can extend this up to 10 hours. Too bad every review of this GPS unit tested battery life already and reached ~15 hours.

SCAM claims below 2 hours normal usage and 10 hours with their miracle snake oil applied, independent test gets 17 hours straight from factory. Cant get any clearer than that.

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