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Comment: Re:Thats rich comming from Google, they sure love (Score 2) 108

by citizenr (#47860001) Attached to: Why Google Is Pushing For a Web Free of SHA-1

the only meaningless information is coming from you. Its not the YT portal that requires RC4, its servers serving actual video files
  accepted ciphers:
TLSv1 128 bit RC4-SHA
SSLv3 128 bit RC4-SHA

and hundreds of other content farm servers

Comment: Re:Broadcom don't deal with little guys (Score 4, Informative) 165

by citizenr (#47796471) Attached to: Update: Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Cancelled

They won't even talk to a little player, or anyone else who is unlikely to place an order for large numbers of chips.

They need to realize that big players start out as little players. I remember seeing an interview of Steve Jobs, and he was asked why they used the 6502 in the original Apple. He listed several technical advantages of the 6502, and then said that none of those factors had anything to with their decision.

No, his actual words were:
"fuck if I know, my nerd did all the technical bs, I could sell you insurance and I wouldnt care less"

Maybe you were referring to the Woz interview?

They used the 6502 because Motorola had given Woz a free sample.

the one where Woz said they used 6502 because MOS, and NOT motorola (motorola was busy trying to sell $300 chips), MOS sold 6502 at $25 out of a jar at Wescon in single quantities with no NDA/moq

you know, this one :

    "WOZNIAK: In 1975 an 8080 microprocessor cost $370 and you could only get it
from a distributor set up to deal with companies, not individual computer
enthusiasts. The 6502 was introduced at Wescon with a unique marketing
approach (thanks, Chuck Peddle) and was sold over the counter (like register
chips at the local surplus stores) for $20. I bought mine from Chuck and his
wife themselves."

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