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Comment: Re:Very confused. (Score 1) 74

by citizenr (#49350003) Attached to: Facebook Sued For Alleged Theft of Data Center Design

Actually NO, its not standard. Have you ever tried pitching ideas to big corporations? They will all tell you to fuck off instead of signing your NDA. Only exception is if big corporation really wants something you have and is the party that initiated contact. Reason for this corporate behaviour is right there in the article. Risk of being sued is too big.

Comment: better mouse is something you should look into (Score 1) 199

by citizenr (#49349909) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

When you are in the top 3-5% of skilled players.

'Gaming equipment' is a gimmick designed to tax gullible morons. Bright green/red/blue stripes/leds on everything, LCD screens on the BOTTOM side of the mouse, gaming chairs, blinking headphones, its all bullshit for suckers. LOOK AT ME I have $200 keyboard Im so l33T!!!1.

I managed top 5% in Cod 4/RtCW a long time ago using ordinary MS Optical 1.1a. Top 3% in WoT using shitty office model A4tech.

People are so irrational its not even funny.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 177

by citizenr (#49349797) Attached to: German Auto Firms Face Roadblock In Testing Driverless Car Software

We learn how to drive in driving school and not how to crash. In a situation like the above. Most people will hit the next thing in front of them, regardless of what or who it is.

I remember stats showing drivers going into a tree at high speed are more likely to aim (unconsciously) for the passenger side - drivers have higher chance of survival than front passengers.

>> same moral reasoning a human would in the situation

This is some hilarious shit right there. There are no higher mental functions involved in a crash, its all on instinct, pre-learned behaviour and reflex.