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Comment Motorola C123 = almost SDR (Score 4, Informative) 80

Phone shown in the video is a variant of Motorola C123, Calypso Chipset design with leaked firmware source and semi documented dsp

it isnt some dumb phone, its an SDR platform capable of running primitive GSM base station, or sniffing GSM traffic.

Comment Re:More by whom (Score 0) 368

and if you arent EXTRA DOUBLE PLUS polite to a cop maybe you should get a permanent lesson in respect of authoritah! aka get shot in the face, or beaten to death in a cell.

This is what happens when you give people unquestionable immunity.

Comment Re:Wouldn't apply to Netflix (Score 1) 85

Free peering typically means that each carrier sends and receives about the same amount of data - they each benefit equally from the peering. How much data is inbound to Netflix? About 1/10000th what comes out.

This is very easy to fix on Netflix side, just add 20 lines of code to make every client FLOOD /dev/urandom back at Netflix server. Problem solved, lets peer for free nao mmkay?

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