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Comment: Re:The US did, so why not Russia? (Score 2) 878

1. people who are not americans, and hated the invasion of iraq, are not happy with what kgb thug putin has done

2. morality does not mean "that guy over there did something bad so it's ok that this guy does something bad"

3. the world doesn't actually revolve around the usa. the usa is not the standard you use to determine right and wrong in this world

that putin did something wrong is not automatically made ok because the usa did something wrong. different entities. if i murder your neighbor is it ok because some other guy murdered someone else once? does that make any sense to you? then why does putin doing something wrong mean we can't judge because the usa did something wrong once? why do you have a need to start babbling about the usa?

again, in case you missed it: the world does not actually revolve around the usa

it's actually possible to be angry at putin and condemn his invasion of crimea without thinking about or referencing the usa

amazing concept, huh?

Comment: Re:cryptocurencies will survive (Score 1) 695

by circletimessquare (#46335493) Attached to: Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World

you call yourself realistic and you persist with a naive simplistic belief that the basics of economic history disprove?

dealing with you free market fundamentalists is like dealing with creationists

no logic or reason, just irrational faith in a really bad idea

resulting in exactly the kind of story we are commenting under

"Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed." -- Robin, The Boy Wonder