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Comment Re:Request (Score 1) 24

I want to take a photo of a room in my house and have it converted to VR, and then be able to style it and move furniture around.

I want to take a photo of a room in my house and have it converted to VR, and then have a virtual Bella Thorne come and take her clothes off. And then be able to move furniture around.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 286

You don't have any natural rights to be free from tigers or from gravity. But you DO have the natural expectation that another rational being will understand that if they attack you, they are waiving their own claim on living peacefully. That you don't grasp this is pretty amazing, really.

You'll find that your idea of "rights" disappears quite quickly as soon as any functioning society breaks down.

My "idea" of rights exists at any scale and under any circumstances. That's the entire point. Irrational people do indeed look to take advantage circumstances in which they feel willing to take the chance that their use of violence will go unchallenged because of unpleasant or unexpected circumstances. Which doesn't change the fact that they lose their claim to life when they deny you yours. That's the right you naturally have: to use (or have used on your behalf) the violence necessary to defend your life. Why? Because rational people don't kill other people except in self defense. Those who initiate the violence waive their rights to live in peace.

You're confusing having a right with happening to have the power to defend it at some particular time. These are not the same thing.

Comment Pity there isn't a -1 ; Conspiracy Theory mod (Score 3, Informative) 96

Slashdot needs ones. Seriously, for a community that claims to hate FUD, the OSS types sure like spreading it when it is about the "right" groups. If you actually care about what kinds of things the telemetry communicates back at various settings, the information is all out there for you. No, SSH data isn't one of them. However I am going to imagine you don't, and this is just crap you want to fling at "the bad guys" because you can.

Also a thought for you: Your OS, by definition, has access to anything any program on the system is doing. What would stop it from looking in at any 3rd party SSH server you ran, if you think it does that?

Comment Giants fall due to their own weight (Score 1) 378

With MS doing the ET thing, suddenly the incentive for Linux distributions to go serious UI and retail sales push as a "Secure Windows Alternative" is now becoming potentially very profitable for both home and business users.

Would not be surprised to see a Linux Distribution go to full sales mode VERY soon, including TV ads.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 286

Exactly, because in the jungle there are no rights

Oh, I get it now. You think that human beings aren't any different in their cognitive abilities, capacity for reason, and ability to think abstractly and communicate than are, say, tigers or lemurs.

I don't need it, but I need a government to tell others that.

No, you can tell them yourself, and if they are too irrational to digest the concept, and you're too weak to defend against violent, irrational people, then you need a government to help you protect your rights.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 378

It's true that there are companies and aps that have gone the way of thin clients. But still the vast majority of businesses use Microsoft OS to host Microsoft office applications and mail clients. Yes, the technology exists. But it's not yet embraced. Even just the simple retraining of people to use new office aps is a painful one. I was at a well known major tech company when they were converting from Lotus to Outlook and you'd think they were retraining bartenders to be astrophysicists. Productivity was hampered for weeks and didnt fully recover for several months, just for email. Imagine that compounded with the whole Office suite.

Again, it's all entirely possible. But businesses have to weigh the pain of the transition and decide if its worth that plus the costs.

Comment Not a problem anymore (Score 1) 33

I have no landline, and I receive no telemarketing calls to my mobile. Of course I still get the odd call from a company I do business with, but they are few and far between. Now, getting the good folks from Farmers Insurance to stop calling me last month after receiving an auto insurance quote is another story. They gave me the worst quote ever, a full 40% more than other companies - insultingly bad. One agent called me while I was still on their site and reading their quote, after 9:00PM! Then I received FOUR more calls from different agents over the course of the next several days. I asked each of them to remove from their list, and how I might stop receiving calls from the. One agent was especially rude, laughing at me and saying it was my fault for getting a quote. I informed him that he was too late, as the FIFTH Farmers agent to call me, and that I had asked each of the previous gougers to remove me, and that his quote was so bad he should be embarrassed. He hung up on me before I could even begin to berate him.

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