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+ - Are CS students poor programmers? 2

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DavidHumus writes "Recently, at a computer conference, I heard two separate people say the same thing during the same day: computer science students are usually very poor programmers. Both these people were college professors in areas that do a lot of computing — mathematics and biology (population genetics) — and have dealt with a lot of students who have had to write programs for their courses.

The specific complaint of both professors was that CS students seem to have very superfical knowledge, that they don't understand things like the limitations of floating point arithmetic and verifying their output. One professor recounted the story of a student who wanted a good grade on a program because it ran to completion — never mind that the answers it gave were off by many orders of magnitude.

Do slashdotters agree or disagree with this? If it is true, why? Shouldn't computer science students be good programmers?"

+ - Even music reviewer are getting tired of DRM

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FighterHayabusa writes "It's not only the public consumers that suffer from DRM-techniques. The labels are making reviewing CDs a pesky business by imposing their seriously flawed techniques on promos of their artists CDs. Swedish webzine Critical Mass has posted an article on it and a petition to stop all DRM. Read the article and sign the petition! The article is in english."

Comment: Re:Wrong all around (Score 5, Insightful) 576

by cinnamoninja (#15758209) Attached to: CIA Blogger Fired for Criticizing Torture Policy
Dammit, "I don't like this" is not a sufficient reason for violating classification.

Err, yes it is.

Should she have been fired for breaking security? Yes.

Should she have done it anyway? Yes.

This is a classic case for civil disobedience. There come times when following the law violates your own integrity as a person, and the dual virtues of loyalty and compassion conflict. At that point, you must showcase you humanity and be willing to take the punishment for it.

Might I have the strength to choose as wisely.

God help those who do not help themselves. -- Wilson Mizner