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Comment lets count the ways this is idiotic (Score 1) 242

1) Fusion powered airplanes; right
anytime anyone on /. makes a comment about how some other group of people are stupidly wasting time on some idiotic idea....

2) Garbage patent
to secure a patent,the invention has to be "enabled"

3)counterpunch is the absolute bottom of the barrel in webcrap
if you can't write, and you have a particularly stupid piece of inane word salad you want on the web, counterpunch is where you would go after your essay was rejected by everyone else (ok National Review on line and Mark Levin are worse, but they are both pathological)

Submission Elon Musk recieved billions (billions) in tax subsidys->

cinnamon colbert writes: Elon Mus is frequently praised by techies and slashdotters as representing a cutting edge entrepreneurial fellow who uses the might of the profit motive to create technology.
However, it would appear that his companies are thriving due to billions in tax dollars, aka corporate welfare."both Tesla and Solar City have received over $2 billion each, if you count the value of the subsidies their customers have received for buying Tesla vehicles and Solar City installations. This is more significant in the case of Solar City (about $1 billion) than for Tesla (about $321 million). Even without these sums, the companies have directly received about $3.5 billion, most notably for the new Gigafactory in Nevada and for a solar panel facility in Buffalo, New York."

These sums represent transfers from taxpayers to the 36th wealthiest man in America.

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Comment hillary haters are sad... (Score 2, Insightful) 676

they bring up Benghazi, a non story (1)
there are some minor scandals, like travelgate (2)
there are some deranged fantasy arguments like vince foster suicide (3)
that all you got ?

maybe she has some small skeletons, but you compare her to the crazys (T Cruz , R Paul) the right wing guys who want us all to be underpaid slaves (S Walker) the retread of the past (J Bush)...HIllary stands head and shoulders over these midgets

1) the republicans in congress *created their own committee* which they *ran*
and the committee investigated and found ....zilch

2) ok, innuendo aside, someone fired a few timeservers in the whitehouse. Bush started a war for no reason that killed 4,000 americans, cost well north of a trillion, and destabilized the mideast...

3) If you think this is an issue, I have a special white jacket for you

Comment real cost benefit new language (Score 1) 520

can someone explain to a non programmer, as you look back over the last 20 years or so, what is the real cost/benefit of new languages
I mean, i read constantly of hip new languages; but there is a cost that no one seems to talk about, eg you need new libraries, maintenance of a new language. etc

are we, the users really that much better off ?
am i, a user, really getting more for my dollar from all these new languages ?
as a user, i care about cost/performance; curly braces, indents, static typing - totally irrelevant

Comment but is it google (Score 1) 386

surely you remember alta vista and the pathetic northern light (the internet in folders, extra clicks that you don't need)

and why does google get such praise ?
the gmail interface is screwed up ; their flagship - the search engine - is horrible (you think google is a good search engine ? are you not understanding that in the absence of competition it is hard to understadn what a good SE looks like)

Comment The Real Problem (Score 5, Interesting) 136

here in Boston, where I live
Narrow twisty roads, and when the snowbank gets high, narrower roads
non highway routes are often circuitous
Dark at 5PM much of the year (and add in the snowy, narrow twisty roads...)
Did I mention potholes ?
Rain snow sleet
weather down to teens to single digits many days of the year
lack of decent bike racks (some day, some smart person will write a n y times op ed about how bad bike racks are)
no showers, or cruddy showers
not so good when you have to go pick up your kid at school, or dance recital, or...

maybe inside Cambridge or Boston itself, a bike might work
For much of MA, no so good

the problem is NOT that we need easier to use bikes
the problem is that we have a car suburban orientation; change tax laws and zoning so people are packed into citys, and bikes will take care of themselves

Comment Re:I've been keeping a short position ... (Score 1) 986

Dear Sir:
please tell us who you are; I have some ocean front Miami real estate I can let you have for 5 dollars an acre..min purchase, 1,000 acres...
I mean seriously, you short exxon cause of this garbage ?
are you a troll or merely insane ?

Comment knowing history helps (Score 1) 986

in particular, the history of perpetual motion machines: "inventors", aka charlatans, were unbelievably clever in designing what appeared to be Perp Mot Machines
the idea that you can fuse H and Ni to form Cu at less then, roughly, 10^7 deg C is absurd

it is like someone claiming that they can run a mile in 10 seconds; it is just not credible; even if you see someone do that with your own eyes, you know there is trickery involved

Comment Re:Addendum (Score 1) 36

is this the same montagnier who claimed he could do immunology over the telephone ? (twisted pair, back in the day)'
if you are a troll, congrats , you have gotten a lot of people riled up about your nonsense; if you are serious, politely, let me say that you are barking up the wrong tree here
the nature article is about neuronal membranes, nothing to do with DNAassembly

you might consider that people spend hours inside MRIs, where the magnetic field is ~~ 10,000 times that of the earth
(oh, wait, now you have MRI magnetoresponsive DNA induced tumorigenisis....)

Comment I work on DNA (Score 0) 36

and the idea of a lambda/M13 hybrid is cute, I bet dollars to donuts that this is not an industrial scale process by any means; long DNA (>10,000) is hard to work with and unstable
(wild type lambda DNA from, say, N E Biolabs, is about 250 dollars a *milligram*)
anything priced in milligrams is not, imo, an industrial process

it is true that much shorter DNA is sold for, afaik, macular degeneration, and whole virus particles are also used; this is not the same as origami things

anyway, DNA is temperature and pH sensitive, needs to be kept wet, and is attacked by numerous microorganisms, which secrete enzymes that chew up DNA, a good source of valuable, scarce nutrients like Phosphorus and reduced Nitrogen

Phage lambda and M13 propagate in E coli, a gram neg organism that makes pyrogen; purification of injection grade material from gram negatives is not a trivial task
The idea that DNA will be useful for almost anything but niche markets is absurd

there is something about bio stuff (DNA, cancer, stem cells) that just acerbates the buck rodgers teen ager in every slashdotter

You will lose an important tape file.