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Submission + - Healthcare reform - good or bad

cinnamon colbert writes: As widely reported (here on ABC news Howard Dean is urging Democrats to oppose health care reform, as the bill is a "bailout for the insurance industry". What do you think ? In particular , are the supposed benefits — extension of insurance to 30 million people who are currently uninsured, and preventing insurance companies from denying coverage for pre exisiting conditions — actually going to make it into the real world, or will they die somewhere between passage of the bill and the implementation of the bill, which will take many years and regulations. We can see that this has alread happened to one "reform": a ban on lifetime benefit caps (a benefit cap is a limit on how much an insurance company will pay; if you are unlucky enough to need very $$ treatments, you can go over the cap under many current plans). The current bills pretend to ban lifetime caps, but they actually ban caps that are "unreasonable". Over the years, who do you think is going to have more influence on the legal definition of "unreasonable" — the insurance industry of someone else ?

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