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Comment: Re:Flame-bait summary? (Score 1) 186

by cinereaste (#42411065) Attached to: Ramanujan's Deathbed Conjecture Finally Proven

Whenever I read submissions like this, I wonder why they put a sentence like "genius in flunked out of ...". Unless the area they were a genius in was the same one he/she failed at, it seems kind of flame-bait - trying to start an "school is useless - look at these outliers" discussion.

I don't think that's what it's trying to say at all. My reading is more like "look, even geniuses can have trouble in school."

Comment: Re:Time for Apple to go for the jugular (Score 1) 284

by cinereaste (#41877515) Attached to: Sharp Warns That It Might Collapse

Apple pretty much already manages Foxconn... All the processes are designed and supervised by Apple.

Uhm, no. A quick look at the Wikipedia article on Foxconn lists quite a few other major customers and competitors to Apple, such as Amazon and Samsung.

Comment: Re:TFA must be right, it's from the FUTURE! (Score 1) 305

by cinereaste (#33763796) Attached to: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Article posts 'October 4 2010' as the publication date... Unless I pulled a Rip Van Winkle at my desk just now, we're looking at news FROM THE FUTURE!!! :)

It's in the October 4 issue, which is released a week or even two before October 4. Most magazines do this sort of thing with publication dates.

Comment: The most recent US Supreme Court decision . . . (Score 2) 933

by cinereaste (#26256941) Attached to: The Slippery Legal Slope of Cartoon Porn
I believe the last SCOTUS decision found that cartoon porn was protected speech by a 6-3 margin. Here's the relevant link: Another interesting question is why did the Virginia court disregard the SCOTUS decision that I link to above?

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