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Comment Re:Flame-bait summary? (Score 1) 186

Whenever I read submissions like this, I wonder why they put a sentence like "genius in flunked out of ...". Unless the area they were a genius in was the same one he/she failed at, it seems kind of flame-bait - trying to start an "school is useless - look at these outliers" discussion.

I don't think that's what it's trying to say at all. My reading is more like "look, even geniuses can have trouble in school."

Comment Re:Time for Apple to go for the jugular (Score 1) 284

Apple pretty much already manages Foxconn... All the processes are designed and supervised by Apple.

Uhm, no. A quick look at the Wikipedia article on Foxconn lists quite a few other major customers and competitors to Apple, such as Amazon and Samsung.

Comment Re:Hilarious, but isn't /. meant to be serious? (Score 1) 468

It's a bit of a stretch, but science is part of news for nerds. . . .

I agree completely. But astrology isn't science, not even in the least. This should have been in the "idle" category. As wizardforce mentioned below, Bad Astronomy covered this very well.

Comment Re:TFA must be right, it's from the FUTURE! (Score 1) 305

Article posts 'October 4 2010' as the publication date... Unless I pulled a Rip Van Winkle at my desk just now, we're looking at news FROM THE FUTURE!!! :)

It's in the October 4 issue, which is released a week or even two before October 4. Most magazines do this sort of thing with publication dates.

Comment The most recent US Supreme Court decision . . . (Score 2) 933

I believe the last SCOTUS decision found that cartoon porn was protected speech by a 6-3 margin. Here's the relevant link: Another interesting question is why did the Virginia court disregard the SCOTUS decision that I link to above?

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