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+ - Guido reveals first google project

chroot_james writes: Guido van Rossum unveiled his first Google project, Mondrian, tonight during a Python tech talk at the Google campus in Mountain View. Mondrian is a web-based code review system built on top of a Perforce and BigTable backend with a Python-powered front-end. Mondrian is a pretty impressive system and is currently in use across Google.
Operating Systems

+ - How would /. feel about a Sun-Apple-Google merger?

chroot_james writes: The rumors of a sun merger with apple are flaring up again. It seems like a great time for a group like Sun to be bought by Apple and for the combined pair to have closer ties to Google. Apple has the framework for web apps from Google to merge fairly seamlessly with the desktop system and with Sun involved they'd have a very strong offering for everything server related. What would the /. community think of such a merger?

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