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Submission + - Uncensored Manhunt 2 Leaks Online-> 2 2

An anonymous reader writes: is reporting that an early PS2 build of Manhunt 2 has leaked online. Though credited to Rockstar-unaffiliated Team Slonik, the software had to come from somewhere and YouTube clips are already appearing for public consumption — meaning this could become a quite literal torrent of bad press for Rockstar...who was finally (kinda) out of the fire for Hot Coffee.
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Submission + - Office 2008 for Mac delayed until January 2008

thefickler writes: "Microsoft has announced that Office 2008 for Mac, originally slated for a 2007 release, will now be released in January 2008. No specific reasons were pinpointed in the announcement other than the software was not meeting its quality checkpoints in June and July of this year. Surprise, surprise."

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