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+ - Independance Day from big corporate campaign money->

Submitted by chromaexcursion
chromaexcursion (2047080) writes "This is Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig.

I am stunned.

In the last 24 hours, literally thousands of PCCC members responded to our call of Mayday! — and donated to our "Super PAC to end all Super PACs."

Our ambitious goal is to raise $5 million by the end of July 4, to declare our independence from the big-money funders who hold our democracy hostage. We have one day left!

We just passed $3.3 million raised. I don't know where we'll end up by midnight tomorrow, but between now and then, we need to give this everything we've got.

Can you watch our video explaining MayDay PAC — and with just one day left, chip in $3 to help take back our democracy?
This has always been a long shot. And until today, our shot was looking even longer.

But I'm seeing a glimmer of hope. Every minute, new people are coming in to save our democracy.

If you've been waiting to pledge, or learn more about this, now is the time.

Watch our MayDay PAC video. And chip in $3 or more to be part of history.

With hope,

Lawrence Lessig"

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+ - Germany's glut of electricity causing prices to plummet

Submitted by AmiMoJo
AmiMoJo (196126) writes "Germany is headed for its biggest electricity glut since 2011 as new coal-fired plants start and generation of wind and solar energy increases, weighing on power prices that have already dropped for three years. From December capacity will be at 117% of peak demand. The benchmark German electricity contract has slumped 36% since the end of 2010.

“The new plants will run at current prices, but they won’t cover their costs” said Ricardo Klimaschka, a power trader at Energieunion GmbH. Lower prices “leave a trail of blood in our balance sheet” according to Bernhard Guenther, CFO at RWE, Germany’s biggest power producer. Wind and solar’s share of installed German power capacity will rise to 42% by next year from 30% in 2010. The share of hard coal and lignite plant capacity will drop to 28% from 32%."

Comment: Re:Linux? (Score 3, Insightful) 145

by chromaexcursion (#47338947) Attached to: Microsoft Suspending "Patch Tuesday" Emails
This is just a guess, but I believe your assessment why you were modded down is correct. Making comments that might offend people has consequences.
Your post is off topic, and bashes Microsoft for things not relevant. As for your previous posts, having modded comments, previous posts are pretty much impossible to find. Modding is based on the current comment.
I'm not a fan of Microsoft. I've been playing and working with computers since before Microsoft existed. I've posted on this thread. Canada is the party at fault, Microsoft is just responding to a stupid law.
I love bashing Microsoft, but the pickings have been slim lately, they're failing. They won't go out of business, but their clout is gone.

Comment: The Failure of good intentions. (Score 1) 145

by chromaexcursion (#47338847) Attached to: Microsoft Suspending "Patch Tuesday" Emails
Seemed like a good idea. I don't think so, but someone did.
What an absolute fail of a law.
It might work if the sender could reasonably presume that if the email address didn't end in .ca it wasn't a problem.
The cost. of defense is too high. Canada just screwed the pooch.

There may be a bright side. It will force international law to cross the internet. As this is a Canadian law, only addresses ending in .ca should matter. Of course that opens a much bigger can of worms.

Then again it could just result in an explicit opt in: I AM NOT A CANADIAN! If you check it an lie you are guilty of perjury. NO Canadians allowed.
Perhaps the future of an internet second class.

Of course I'm being melodramatic. But this law is melodramatic. Some idiot with no clue wrote it, and got it passed. It deserves derision.

+ - Calm Down: Aereo's Supreme Court Smackdown Does Not Mean Chaos for the Cloud

Submitted by curtwoodward
curtwoodward (2147628) writes "Aereo's just-so copyright workaround got crushed this week by the U.S. Supreme Court, which said the company was basically a present-day knockoff of the old "community antenna" cable TV system. But some media outlets (and the enterprising lawyers they interviewed) went much further, sowing all kinds of F.U.D. about how this case could screw up other popular cloud-computing services. Don't listen to the trolls---the Supremes were very clear that their ruling only applied to Aereo's livestream and things that look just like it. iCloud, Dropbox and friends are fine."

+ - Lawrence Lessig 2nd round of Mayday funding may not reach its goal

Submitted by chromaexcursion
chromaexcursion (2047080) writes "With 8 days to go Mayday's 2nd round of funding is coming up short.
Recent stories in the news, such as have highlighted this bold approach at campaign funding reform.
The first round had a goal of $1 million, and raised $1.2 million. The second round goal is $5 million, and is currently at a little under $2 million.
I first heard about Mayday from a slashdot story, during the first round of funding. Others might be interested in an up date."

Comment: Re:Using a published hash - FAIL (Score 1) 192

by chromaexcursion (#47303279) Attached to: Improperly Anonymized Logs Reveal Details of NYC Cab Trips
well, you just described a way to tweak an algorithm.
wouldn't even have to go to a 256 bit key. Doing that into MD5 would probably foil anything less than a concerted financial attack.
No media outlet could afford the computing power to attack that.
I used the same approach, with some further tweaks to secure financial communications a decade ago.

Lack of understanding security doesn't surprise me. I'm an engineer who does. I designed and wrote a suite that passed a 3d party, hostile, security audit.

Comment: Re:Prediction: de-anonymization considered "hackin (Score 1) 192

by chromaexcursion (#47303081) Attached to: Improperly Anonymized Logs Reveal Details of NYC Cab Trips
You've elegantly described why stiff federal penalties are needed.

Interesting that when a direct line to someone's pocketbook is defined everyone gets on board, but when it's just a chance someone's drinking water would be tainted with cancer causing chemicals most can't find the connection.
Corporate malfeasance comes in all forms.

Comment: Re:Data Security Officer (Score 1) 192

by chromaexcursion (#47303017) Attached to: Improperly Anonymized Logs Reveal Details of NYC Cab Trips
Small problem.
Taxi Hack numbers are available in a publicly accessible data base.
A determined individual probably could find license numbers, they may be publicly accessible.
Failure to understand the vulnerability is the design failure.
A simple solution would have been to order the hashes numerically and re-number them cardinally. ie. 1,2,3 ...
Would take less than a minute, for someone than knew how.
Perhaps a few hours if the right person had to be tracked down.
Never release source data.

Comment: Using a published hash - FAIL (Score 1) 192

by chromaexcursion (#47302803) Attached to: Improperly Anonymized Logs Reveal Details of NYC Cab Trips
Using any public hash exposes you to dictionary attacks. Especially when you publish which one you've used.
The quality of the encryption is irrelevant.
Security through obscurity, using a custom algorithm, is the only way.
Taking MD5, it's published, and tweaking a few points (though who ever did this needs to be very competent) would have been sufficient.

Some manager probably said any work for addition security wasn't worth the cost. Ooops!

+ - Thunderbird upgrade utter fail!

Submitted by chromaexcursion
chromaexcursion (2047080) writes "It will list all my mail boxes, but will only access one.
NOT the one I care about. multiple mailbox access is totally broken.
I had to delete the mailbox it wanted to use fortunately one that is backed up elsewhere.
Still can't access my other email accounts
Utter failure! (was so tempted to milk this story and say udder)
way to go guys"

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