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Journal Journal: Work in progress: A Time of Shadows

Time of War is done and I quickly redid Time of Danger; it wasn't as bad a first draft as I thought. I am working on the next story, which is what happens to Tom after Time of War. I have a general plot and some ideas but nothing concrete. If all goes to plan, he should up in Draenor.

I am also noodling over the next Abe story. After the Time sequence, I think its time to return to him to advance the whole plot forward.
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Journal Journal: Work in progress: A Time of War

I did some minor editing and submitted The Black Sword as a novella to Chippewa Publishing, a house that specializes in this sort of thing. I got the whole thing off this morning. Now I am looking at A Time of War. I think this one will stand alone as a novella as it's 20,000 words by itself and will be a bit longer when I am finished. I'll re-add The Tom parts to it so that it all stands alone, leaving Time of Danger and the Tom shipwreck story to a third book. I am not doing any major revisions, I dont think.
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Journal Journal: Work In Progress: The World at the Edge of Time

Yes, I know I have a half dozen stories going but this is what I do between stories, noodle until something clicks.

This one is slightly different; it's a project I have been tinkering with on and off for while. This is just some work, making another attempt at revising chapter one, the first few times didn't come out so good.
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Journal Journal: Work in progress: The Knight-Champion

I'm not sure where I am going with this world. I did a map of a world and basic history and decided to explore the culture of one of the nations, Dragonia. Then I started writing a story about a boy in Dragonia and decided he will be the nation's next Knight-Champion, commander of the nation's army, etc. He only has to slay a dragon to prove his worth.
So I dunno how long this will be. Into chapter two. Alurm (the hero) has boarded a ship to begin his journey.

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