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Comment: Re:Someone needs to lose their job over this (Score 1) 224

by christopherfinke (#32794104) Attached to: YouTube Hit By HTML Injection Vulnerability

reject any comment with the < or & characters in it.

What if you want to comment about AT&T or write a mathematical equation stating that x < y.

Users should be able to enter anything they want; htmlspecialchars() and nl2br() ensure that it will be displayed exactly as they entered it.

Comment: Re:Why then (Score 2, Informative) 164

by christopherfinke (#32014102) Attached to: Firefox Arrives On Android

If the mobile version supports plugins, and those plugins are in the same format as the desktop ones. There's no guarantee of either, though.

It does, and they are. There are a few tweaks that add-on authors should make to their add-ons to support the mobile versions (mainly UI-related), but those are trivial for most cases. I say this as someone who has ported more add-ons to Firefox for Mobile than anyone else (as far as I know).

Comment: Re:Beta is terrible (Score 1) 278

by christopherfinke (#30481680) Attached to: Firefox Mobile Threatens Mobile App Stores, Says Mozilla

No inertial scrolling.

The nightly I'm using has it.

One window per instance, no tabs.

The betas have had tabs for a long time. They're in the left toolbar.

Package is not "optified" - it installs to the device root instead of /opt

Fixed 3 weeks ago

Currently there are only three add-ons not marked "experimental"

I myself have written five add-ons for Mobile that are out of the sandbox, so I don't know where you're getting your numbers.

even in experimental there's no AdBlock Plus

Support added 2 weeks ago

It sounds like you haven't tried Fennec since the early betas. Might be time to give it another shot.

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