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+ - Head Microsoft China Faked Credentials - Does it m->

Submitted by christoofar
christoofar (451967) writes "If Bill Gates didn't need a college degree to become what he is, did it matter to Microsoft to dismiss its former head of Microsoft China, Tang Jun and a scourge of other prominent businessmen with faked credentials; in a county that doesn't value IP that much, do genuine credentials even matter?"
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+ - Dell Sold Millions of Faulty Optiplex Workstations->

Submitted by christoofar
christoofar (451967) writes "In a damning condemnation of Dell by the NYT, your half-decade long nightmare with corporate Dell Optiplex computers with their impossible-to-figure-out driver updates and difficult mobo upgrading methods and fighting the mysteriously-odd dead computer in your IT department was all for nought. The major problem that affects millions of Dell Optiplex workstations delivered between 2003 and 2005 were faulty capacitors manufactured by Nichicon, a Japanese supplier. E-mails now unsealed in the lawsuit customers filed against Dell revealed that Support Engineers and Sales both knew of the problem, but Dell emphasized "ambiguity" when discussing support problems with customers related to the broken computers."
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Internet Explorer

+ - Microsoft Exec Goes from He to She

Submitted by christoofar
christoofar (451967) writes "ABC News has put out an expose on Michael Wallent, an executive at the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft who has undergone the process of becoming a female, and the difficulties of changing one's gender while working at a large, predominately male suburban company. Michael now refers to himself as Megan. ABC will air an expose on Megan Wallent's story at 11:35PM this evening on NightLine."

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