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Comment Seriously???? (Score 2) 536

Wow, an impossible problem to solve! Nobody who writes programs has ever installed their own wireless radio before? Drills and cat5 crimpers are beyond you, eh?

"Wireless is so exorbitant if I want to live here I have to have Comcast and they won't come!! I have to take a huge loss right now just to stay in business!!" -- Said some fucking idiot

Comment Re:OpenNTPD: 4 Out Of 5 Stars (Score 1) 79

It sets your local server time immediately if you use -s. Otherwise, it slowly drifts your local clock to the real time, which could take days if it is far off. I always use ntpd -s on boot for systems with no RTC. Or ntpd -s when my clock is way off. The drift feature is designed to keep software from freaking out due to sudden time changes.

Comment Re:Learn Something About NTPD Before You Rant..... (Score 1) 79

It would be nice if the whole world got the BCP38 memo. But they haven't. I'm a network operator. I got off my lazy ass and firewalled all of the servers on my network, that customers didn't enable and had no idea were even running, courtesy of Cisco and various Linux distributions. Reality is a bitch.

Comment Re:Mathematics (Score -1, Flamebait) 79

Funny how I am firewalling ports so that your vulnerable shit running on customer Cisco firewalls, Linux servers and other customer boxes across my network, just so that your shit doesn't cause a 550x amplification factor, or who knows whatever other vulnerabilities compromise these devices. My hat is off to you for your shit garbage. Fuck you, sir.

Comment Re:Mathematics (Score -1, Flamebait) 79

This is moronic.

A very high percentage of people use ntp simply because they want accurate time on their devices.

Why should they use a program that does 90% something else (by your estimation) as a piece of critical infrastructure running on all of their devices?

OpenNTPD allows me to serve accurate time to devices across my network, and it allows those devices to keep their local clock set right as well.

If I was you, I guess I should feel bad I'm missing 90% of the features, like buffer overflows and other security failures in the version!!! But, I don't. I'm not a fucking moron.

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