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Comment Re:Hands down (Score 1) 484

Then you must not have updated your phone because WP reboots when it updates. It doesn't do it automatically, but it gives you a nice little prompt asking you to reboot and update after it has downloaded updates. I get reboot notifications from my carrier if I go too long without rebooting my WP, that's usually with in a week or two of up time. Those reboot to update or maintenance restarts don't include the random crash and reboots that happen with my phone every now and again or the phone simply just crashes and becomes unresponsive leaving me to pull the battery and put it back in. I would say my Windows Phone needs to be rebooted two to three time minimum a month.

So, as a fellow Windows Phone user I am going to call B.S. on your post.

Comment Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 5, Informative) 484

Part of that is because Windows Phone allows very few background processes to run. For example try running a VoIP app like Zoiper and you will see real quick that it's not allowed to run in the background. Even apps from Microsoft like Lync don't work most of the time when you return to the start screen or some other app.

Comment Re:And this is why Microsoft is still a scumbag co (Score 1) 103

What's funny is when Microsoft started out they would make software to run on as many platforms as possible because at the time there were a bunch of proprietary hardware and software platforms in competition with one another. Now Microsoft is trying go the way of the old companies like Commondore, IBM, Macintosh or any other Hardware/software manufacture of the home PC wars back in the 70's and 80's. Proprietary software running on proprietary hardware with zero compatibility between the competing platforms. Microsoft is becoming the very thing they helped kill off.

Comment Re:Can I stream to it? (Score 1) 50

I liked the part how you overlooked the text in your own quote about collecting data by external means not related to a Microsoft Account.

We collect this information in a variety of ways, including from web forms, technologies like cookies, web logging and software on your computer or other device.

I also like how you overlooked the sentences like these:

We use demographic information – gender, country, age and postal code but not your name or contact information – from your Microsoft account to provide personalized ads to you.

I also liked how you overlooked that was the privacy policy for Microsoft Services. You still have privacy policies for

Bing & MSN:
Mobile Devices:
Enterprise Services:
All other products(Including the Windows OS):

Comment Re:Can I stream to it? (Score 2) 50

Not sure if you've wandered over to the Microsoft Privacy Policy: but they collect info about you too.

Not really sure if you're a Microsoft employee, but it looks like one or two have visited based on some of the comments I see here. People rambling on about Google spying as if no other web service collects data about its users. At the same time try to lift up Microsoft as if they're the bastion of hope for a 100% private internet when they are really doing the same thing Google is doing. It's the pot calling the kettle black and nothing more. Furthermore, Microsofts continual attempts at smear campaigns against any competitors just makes me desire their products less and less.

Just look at the difference in advertising, Google just promotes their products while Microsoft just bashes the competition. It comes off as extremely immature and childish of Microsoft. To top it off they throw in astroturfing on boards like this and reddit and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Comment Re:I've never shorted a stock (Score 1) 99

I think Microsoft is simply wanting to capture the enterprise market, if you capture the office then all other markets will fall into place. If you have to use Microsoft everyday at the office, and Microsoft continues with the "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" campaign, then only Microsoft will work with Microsoft. If Only Microsoft will work with Microsoft and you are using Microsoft products in the office then you have to teach and use Microsoft in the schools If only Microsoft will work with Microsoft and now you are using it at the office and you use it and learn it in school then you will need to use it at home so you can do office work and school work. Therefor Microsoft could care less about what the home user wants out of their operating system and listen to what big business wants then incorporates that.

Comment Good decision? (Score 1) 352

MS could have been wise about the whole situation and looked to GNOME and Unity as some attempts at putting a touch screen orientated interface on a desktop environment and the uproar it caused. I am not sure how Microsoft thought they would have any different results. And I think MS is trying to beat Apple to unifying their operating systems; they want to look original when they finish first even though they didn't start first.

Comment One Sure Way (Score 1) 275

I work for a very shady company that has a lot of very negative reviews floating around places like google, yahoo, bing,, bbb, etc. I understand that my employer even spent $10k to have a review removed from one of those places. I won't tell you the name of the company (I have bill to pay and cat afford to lose my job) but they deserve those negative reviews. They treat their customers with contempt, their service is over priced for what they get, they do not fulfill their promises, and they do shoddy work. If you provide a better service/product to your customers instead of seeing them as expendable cash cows you might be surprised at the amount of positive reviews you get over the negative ones.

Comment Re:This is it. (Score 1) 101

I agree. Lets start with An Open Letter to Hobbyists by our good ol pal, William Henry Gates III from the date of Feb, 3 1976. Thirty eight years later and the mentality at Microsoft hasn't really changed much. Let's not forget the Halloween Documents back from 1998. How can we forget the Initiave for Software Choice led by our friends at Microsoft back in 2002. Dare anyone to forget the Microsoft Get the Facts campaign? Or how about Microsoft messing with OLPC. How about the recent attempt at making us think ODF is bad? I think I am going to have to pull the BS card on this article as well.

Comment Re:Is it not obvious? They have dirt on him! (Score 1) 312

Or maybe he just doesn't want it to stop.

I tend to agree with this. They could have repealed the patriot act when Obama first got into office, but all the democrats did was trash talk the right about it and focus on health care. In fact, when the time came, Obama chose to extend the patriot act another four more years.

Comment Re:Creationists (Score 1) 269

Greetings and peach be with you.

I will respond also and do so as young earth creationist. Now, before I say what I have to say I am not going to sit here and debate or argue with anyone. I have a job and a life and don’t have time to sit and argue on the Internet.

I clicked on the article and read the whole thing in its entirety and nothing has changed. Honestly I think this article attacks people who believe in the Steady State Theory more then anyone.

The Singularity in a gist, Extremely dense, hot ball of matter expands rapidly. The theory of inflation happens in there to deal with the horizon problem. Billions of years later here we are today.

So you found some evidence of a rapidly expanding early universe. Cool, I believe I believe in a rapidly expanding universe too. The Bible says that God stretched out the heaves. Now, see, I get the image of everything in the universe being in one spot and getting “stretched.” Kind of like your theory. The biggest difference is you believe that this happened on its own and I believe that it happens by the hand of a Divine being. You think it took billions of years to get to where we are and I think it took a lot quicker. So we found some evidence that says this happened. Again, you say naturally, I say Divine, but there is the evidence for it. Awesome.

However, those Steady State folks are not doing so hot.

Have a great night.

Comment The update that never happened. (Score 2) 413

How about that update that never happened?

Some of you have probably had this happen. You run "Check for Updates" inside the security center. IE opens up to It check to see if you have the latest version of Windows Update. Awesome! You have it! Now are are presented with a choice, you can roll the dice and click "Express" and let Microsoft install everything Bing on your computer. Or, you can go pro and click "Custom" where you can select to install everything but the Bing crap. Ha! Jokes on you, no matter which one you click it will just sit on "Checking for updates" indefinitely. You search Google, you find the Mr. Fixit on the Microsoft Knowledge base and run it. It finds everything wrong, it fixes it, you are the champion, you reboot, you try again and the same thing. The green bar mocking you as it checks and checks and checks. You restart the Automatic Update Server, it doesn't help. You go pro again and hit Start -> Run and type "notepad.exe %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log" You are mocked! There are no errors, no warnings, nothing of value! You grab the tower, you give it a DDT, then you expel the foul beast from the office window into the parking lot 5 stories below. You return to your desk the victor, problem solved, life is good.

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