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+ - Heatmap API for Google Maps

Submitted by
f1chris writes "GeoIQ by FortiusOne has just released the first version of their Javascript API, which allows mashup developers to include heatmap and other raster-based geoanalytics in their applications (you can read the full release announcement on the FortiusOne blog). You can signup for a free API key on the GeoIQ website. We have a few example mashups up to give you an idea of what we're talking about (you can always see the full list in the "Demo Gallery" portion of the GeoIQ website):
  • NY vs. SF — compare census statistics in New York City and San Francisco and add points from a Yahoo! Local search into the analysis. For example: See how the two cities compare when it comes to finding single men or women in their 20s that make over $100k/yr that are also close to good bars (one of our favorites)
  • Traffic Comparison — Compare traffic congestion heatmaps in two locations
All in all, it's some pretty cool stuff, and we're quite excited to see what sorts of mashups people will make out of it and hearing what people think! (Full Disclosure: I work for FortiusOne)"

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