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Comment: Re:This is a terrible idea (Score 1) 339

There're a couple of videos interviewing of John Carmack at E3 2012 talking about VR displays and his recent prototype. After seeing them, I'm not buying anything that hasn't his name on it - or match the specs he talks about.

Comment: I've been there (Score 1) 304

As it is customary, though, our development resources are not sufficient to cover the amount of projects.

Stop taking new projects until the team can catch up or hire more people. Whatever is easier to sell to upper management.... However, my personal thought is that you are experiencing the result of a business model already studied and executed by the upper management, so you are doomed.

Comment: Re:Why not Chinese prisoners? Even cheaper! (Score 1) 123

by chord.wav (#37248492) Attached to: Crowdsourcing Makes an API For Human Intelligence

+1 Make parent sticky please.

Crowdsourcing: Slavery 2.0 with a social component, taken to the cloud. You don't even have to own your slaves anymore, we take the burden of having to feed and shelter them from you! Also, it's much more scalable, you don't know how well your cotton field is going to do, so you can start with one and scale up blazing fast when you need more! And you only pay for what you use from them.

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