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Comment Re: "Ethical" microtransactions? (Score 1) 177

That does not matter. What matters is that addiction is tied to the spending of money. Rare items and their associated bling function as a reward to reinforce the behaviour of paying the microtransactions. This is the same form of operant conditioning behind trading card games and gambling machines.

Comment Re:I'm not with the EFF on this one (Score 1) 207

And where do you think that $100,000+ in tuition goes? Answer: it lines the pockets of all the fatcat school administrators. These schools are not in the business of education; they're in the business of making money so they can grow their bureaucracies.

Comment Re:Release Failure (Score 1) 594

Just separate single player and online accounts, or give people the option to do so

That would reduce the potential market for their real money auction house. The whole point of this charade is to get as many cattle as possible into the fields, "farming" items for Blizzard to profit from.

Comment Re:Film industry (Score 1) 179

Yes. Bully is exactly the GTA model brought to boarding school. Gangs have been replaced by cliques. Cars and motorcycles have been replaced by skateboards, go-karts and bicycles. Guns and grenades have been replaced by slingshots and stink bombs.

It follows the formula to the letter.

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