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by chollus (#40251069) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Enterprise-Grade Linux Networking Hardware?
The Courts

RIAA Gives Up In Atlantic Recording v. Brennan 230

Posted by timothy
from the wasn't-one-of-the-ghostbusters-named-ray? dept.
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In Atlantic Recording v. Brennan, the landmark Connecticut case in which the first decision rejecting the RIAA's 'making available' theory was handed down, the RIAA has finally thrown in the towel and dismissed its own case. Mr. Brennan never appeared in the case at all. In February, 2008, the RIAA's motion for a default judgment was rejected for a number of reasons, including the Court's ruling (PDF) that there is no claim for 'making available for distribution' under the US Copyright Act. The RIAA moved for reconsideration; that motion was denied. Then, in December, the RIAA's second motion for default judgment was rejected. Finally the RIAA filed a 'notice of dismissal' ending the case."

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