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Comment: We are all - (Score 2) 108

by choke (#47793433) Attached to: Judge Allows L.A. Cops To Keep License Plate Reader Data Secret

Just so this is perfectly clear - I am an 'un-charged criminal', and so are you. What this is proposing is that the basis of innocent until proven guilty, the freedom from undue search and or seizure, which I am quite sure would have included having armed men follow one around observing them at all times, are all guarantees that we have but are not demanding from our own constitution.

What threat is so great that we accept these conditions? What threat is greater than tyranny and secrecy?

Comment: In a state of complete transparency - (Score 1) 379

by choke (#47783757) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?

Considering the degree to which citizens are recorded and their activities surveilled, it is paramount that the same scrutiny be applied to those who wield deadly force on behalf of an ever more secretive and grasping authority not to mention the marked increase in aggression from authority and the militarization of police forces.

Comment: I have a hit on my credit report because of this - (Score 1) 401

by choke (#47482271) Attached to: Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

I was moving out of my house and needed to cancel cable service. I called them, and was put on hold and transferred around and spent no less than 45 minutes trying to get ahold of the right person to cancel my account and was disconnected twice.

In complete frustration, I transferred my cable bill to a separate credit card and cancelled that card. It was all I could do to get rid of comcast without another hour on the phone that I didn't have while packing the house and getting everything ready to go.

The experience was incredibly frustrating.

Comment: Normal humans (Score 1) 608

by choke (#47431481) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

This article feels a little egoistic. The author is saying "Only special people.. like me."

Are also excluded from professional basketball, being CEOs and astronauts. Anywhere that there is competition, there will be emergence of traits that are dominant for that domain. It's not little league. Not everyone is a winner.

I've seen code produced by non-programmers.

Comment: Which means to say - (Score 1) 593

by choke (#47137075) Attached to: HR Chief: Google Sexual, Racial Diversity "Not Where We Want to Be"

We'll hire less qualified non-white candidates to bring up our fake numbers for PR purposes.

I guess that's ok? That is a specifically race-prejudiced action.

The situation is now that they have actually DONE what is the most meritorious race-blind action which is to hire based on qualifications. I guess in today's obama world, that's not good enough.

Comment: My story (Score 3, Insightful) 153

by choke (#47132831) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Inspired You To Start Hacking?

What do you mean hacking?

I was the kid who took apart telephones, figured out how to make them do strange things, "borrowed" spare parts from the alarm company dumpster and made things with them... I learned to pick locks, listen in a room with an inductive pickup on phone wires (on old POTS phones, this was possible)

my first 'hack' was to short out connections on a video pong machine and make it do weird things.

my second and probably best hack was to make a working apple ][ out of spare parts in the apple store I worked at on weekends. Integer basic forever!

Ultimately I hack because of incurable curiosity and a desire to improve and eliminate inefficiencies. I am a producer, not a consumer.

Comment: This is expected - (Score 1) 579

by choke (#45795929) Attached to: Utilities Fight Back Against Solar Energy

Remember, these industries are monopolies and their opponents are individuals. We will have a period of adjustment where the dying titans make themselves look even worse and fail to justify their own purpose by lashing out against things which are a benefit to mankind.

The basic problem here is the basic problem of our government anymore. We really do not have individual representation against corporate interests.

Comment: Does anyone else feel worse about this... (Score 1) 291

by choke (#45795853) Attached to: RSA Flatly Denies That It Weakened Crypto For NSA Money

after reading their denial?

The denial reeks of clintonesque cynicism, where one is tacitly splitting hairs in some clever semantic way which not only to me demonstrates guilt, but a culture of guilt and a preparedness for smirking dishonesty.

These are the people we entrust with our encryption? We are good and truly fucked.

+ - GTA V Franklin negative money bug workaround->

Submitted by choke
choke (6831) writes "GTA V released with a bug that causes players using Franklin who take the "Lamar Down" mission without enough money to 'give' to a storyline character in a followup cutscene to go into negative money, which causes all future money income to terminate before crediting with the singular exception of credits from 'stolen wallet vigilante' missions.

This bug is not restricted to Franklin, nor is the workaround.

The workaround to the bug is to seek out a 'stop thief' minimission, and to obtain the 'goods' which will bypass sanity checks and credit the character's balance, returning the character to positive cash.

Note that any normal income while a player has negative money will not be awarded, including the end-game 30 million dollar mission."

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Comment: Why didn't we think of that earlier? (Score 1) 439

What an idea! Tax technologies that replace old, wasteful ones to prop up the old wasteful ones. Oh my god the horse and buggy people should have thought of this, or the gas lamp makers who were so rudely displaced by light bulbs.

This is such a fantastically brilliant idea that it could really only come from a California politician. They are truly unique in that regard.

There are so many things wrong with this proposal on so many levels, that it is upsetting that it has gotten as far as it has. The idea that we should further burden citizens with a tax rather than simply charge a sustaining amount for services is absurd, when a significant use of those services is used for bulk-rate distribution of shit mail that wastes resources and commercial mail.

This is public support of corporate welfare, again.


+ - SimCity 5: How not to design a single player game.->

Submitted by choke
choke (6831) writes "Players attempting to play EA/Maxis' new SimCity game are finding that their save games are tied to a particular server, are facing problems with disconnects, inability to track friends or search for specific coop games online and failures to load game, and wait times of 20 minutes per login attempt.

The question is, why the online restriction? Does this possibly indicate future micro-transactions in game?"

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Comment: This is not a unique situation, just one you know (Score 1) 589

by choke (#42628301) Attached to: Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

Considering that it is currently a felony to violate the TOS of a website, of which you may or may not be aware - and the terms of service can change, or be reasonable, or not.

I wonder how many people here would thrive if vigorously prosecuted?

I wonder how many people here understand the complete disruption and destruction of your life that would occur if you were prosecuted?

Even with a pending felony prosecution you would be unable to find employment, at all. What defense could you provide on your own savings? A defense lawyer for a federal legal case will run you in the tens of thousands a month. How long can you afford that? A public defender will amount to taking the entire case on the prosecution's terms.

How much life and happiness would you have left after months in jail? Do you have enough savings to provide for your family if you had no income?

Criminalization is a disease of government, and must be cured. Punishments not fitting the crime are unconstitutional. This man killed himself because of how our government treated him. That's not a unique situation, it's just one you happen to know about.

Comment: Re:The purpose of the second amendment (Score 2) 1388

by choke (#42625559) Attached to: Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

The second amendment is what guarantees that all of the other amendments are regarded as rights, rather than privileges by those who fancy themselves as being 'in power.'

It's very, very easy for those who govern to fancy themselves rulers. Begging to be disarmed as a populace for the sole purpose of a false sense of security based on deliberately unclear and misleading statistics and hyperexploitation of emotional circumstances is a result of naive and lazy surrender.

The most important factor to bear in mind here is that disarming people has never resulted in an improved life for the people who were disarmed. Certainly not in extreme cases such as Germany and Austria in the 30's, but even without those examples of rule we have the examples that are ignorantly put forward as our own progression in this country. Britain, who enjoys a 400% higher violent crime rate than the US, and who has had steady increases in gun crime since guns were banned. Australia which has had a whopping 40%+ increase in violent and sexual assaults since banning civilian ownership of firearms for personal defense.

There has never been a single case where the disarming of a population has led to anything but the victimization of that population, either from government or from criminals who become hawks amongst doves.

Secondly and equally important is the gross overstatement of the weight and impact of crime in the US, and the violent crime rate. The US has significantly lower crime than any country in the world with tougher gun control laws, and that is even taking the high crime areas into account. The murder rate and violent crime rate have both dropped by 50% ( in the past 20 years in the US, but that figure is never mentioned because it doesn't induce panic.

The only place in the US that crime remains high is in poor uirban areas. New Orleans and Detroit leading the numbers.

The LOWEST places for violent crime, in fact any crime at all in the US are the places with the highest per capita gun ownership. 60% or more per family gun ownership in the rural and midwest, and those places taken independently have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

After all the emotional arguments, the numbers just do not support any rational basis to say that disarming people will result in anything positive for the people being disarmed. The criminals won't turn their guns in, and aren't obeying those laws now. The guns being demonized aren't the ones being used in crimes.

The only new threat after disarming the populace is that the government is now free to provoke further unrest without danger of any reprisal or resistance, which is not a positive. Remove the temptation and you remove the crime. So long as the possibility of tyranny is nil, the opportunity for it is also nil. We owe it to ourselves to really accept that the numbers don't justify letting government solidify power and disempower people, which is what this is really all about.

People need to stop being guided by fear, and retake control of their own lives.

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