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Comment: Re:I have preordered the torrent (Score 1) 210

by chmilar (#47216525) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

The point is that all of this squabbling is making the torrent the easiest, quickest, most convenient, and most reliable way to obtain the product. (Not to mention the torrent file will not be crippled with DRM.)

If the legitimate vendors hope to compete with torrents, they have to beat torrents at everything. On top of that, the price has to be something that seems "reasonable" to the purchaser. Failure to achieve this makes torrents more attractive to more people.

Books Investor Sues Company For Lack Of Profit 181

Posted by samzenpus
from the isn't-it-ironic dept.
The board of claims that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than to make money on the domain name, but an angry shareholder disagrees. From the article: "James Solakian filed the lawsuit in Delaware's Chancery Court against the board of for breaching their duty by refusing to sell the site or run the company in a profitable way. The lawsuit cites a valuation done by a potential purchaser that estimated could be worth more than, which recently sold for more than $100 million."

Comment: SageTV + Media Extender (Score 3, Informative) 516

by chmilar (#33459372) Attached to: Video Appliance For a Large Library On a Network?

I have been using SageTV and their Media Extenders for a couple of years now, and I am very happy with it.

The basics:

1) You set up a "server" PC loaded with hard drives and tuner/capture cards, running the SageTV software.

2) At the TV, you connect a small, low-power Media Extender, which presents an identical user interface to the SageTV software.

I am using this to record broadcast TV from an antenna, watch DVD and Blu-ray rips, and (with the addition of PlayOn) watch Hulu and Comedy Central streaming.

Their website:

I used to use MythTV, and I find that SageTV has pretty much identical functionality, but I could remove a computer from the living room and use the small extender device instead.

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