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Comment: do your own analysis (Score 1) 196

by chizor (#39396927) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Feedback On Programming?

as you work, collect lists of everything you think went wrong in your programs and programming practices (both practical and academic). you will then be prepared to sit down with your notes from the last quarter and identify broader themes. once you can frame issues in common terms - e.g. your web API mangles UTF-8 input, or you find that you are creating new bugs at an unpleasant rate, or your users aren't understanding your documentation well - you can look up how others have addressed these problems. then the action items will become apparent (eliminate operations that assume input is 8859-1, or adopt a unit testing framework, or work with a technical writer to clarify the text).

Comment: universidad de chile (Score 1) 386

by chizor (#26260629) Attached to: Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?

while working on my B.S. at johns hopkins, i spent the year 98-99 at the engineering college ("beaucheff") of the university of chile in santiago. this is the country's premier technical school. the curriculum was quite rigorous, and i studied with some very serious professors including the current head of yahoo! research in spain and the director of the chilean council on nuclear power. lectures and projects are in spanish, textbooks are in english. like anywhere, the bureaucracy was a challenge. it comes recommended because i had a hell of a year.

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