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Comment: Re:Don't foget (Score 1) 186

by chispito (#48574501) Attached to: NetHack: Still One of the Greatest Games Ever Written
I don't know. Maybe I'm still in the sweet spot of Nethack enjoyment. I've dabbled for ~15 years and have yet to ascend (because I'll binge play it then put it down for months or years). The jumble of fantasy and other popular culture elements is still refreshing, and reminds me of early text adventures like Zork or Adventure/Colossal Cave. If there are no real visuals, to speak of, then I appreciate that I am being asked to imagine something other than straight up Tolkien-esque fantasy.

All that said, Brogue is the most enjoyable RL I've ever played and the one I'd recommend to beginners.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but you're not using your XPS anymore (Score 1) 355

by chispito (#48187285) Attached to: Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

The difference between your XPS is the Black Macbook is that the guy was still using the macbook for daily tasks. Your XPS is probably on a shelf somewhere.

I guess my comment was a bit misleading in one way: I don't think Macbooks are necessarily a bad value or were a bad value circa 2006. But let me clarify:

1) My 2006 Dell XPS M1210 is my daily driver. It started life with XP and has exclusively run Ubuntu the last 3 years.

2) I had to replace the power adapter and disc drive under warranty, and upgraded from the original 80GB hard drive to a 500GB hard drive three or four years ago.

3) Otherwise, I can't remember replacing anything on it. The rubber feet on the bottom have fallen off and the left-click button on the trackpad is mushy. I'm convinced it's just some crumbs in the cracks, but I'm too lazy to fix it and have been content to just tap the touchpad to click.

4) I'm still using the original 9-cell battery it shipped with. The 6-cell I bought at the same time died, but the 9-cell is still barely usable, providing maybe 40 minutes' usage. Not great but not bad for 8 years old.

5) Again--I'm not trying to say that Macbooks are a bad buy, but my wife's 2007 15" Macbook has had far more expensive problems (to be fair, it's still with us too).

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