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Submission Three NDUS IT employees put on administrate leave for data breach

chipperdog writes: The Grand Forks Herald is reporting is reporting that three North Dakota University System employees are being put on administrative leave due to a breach last winter.
From the article: after a workplace investigation, it became clear some employees, including the three put on leave, felt server security wasn’t part of their job.

Comment 5GHz is the only non licensed band that works (Score 1) 112

Most of my 2.4 GHz links have been removed from service since the band is so crowded, that even with -50dBm signals the throughput was crap, but one is almost by themselves on 5.8 GHz (almost no 802.11a, a few TDMA stations, mostly AirMAX, around), and can get great throughput and reliability with weaker signals...If I were starting a WISP now, I would do only 5.8 GHz and 24 GHz links.

Comment Re:Wild Feeds (Score 1) 219

Should point there were THOUSANDS of audio feeds available on each satellite, both as sub-carriers of video channels (could be tuned by most consumer receivers), and SCPC (required a little more than the standard TVRO receiver)...Now that everything is a digital stream, unsure how many of those still exist

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