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by chihowa (#48206437) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

" Do you know how many terrorists that wanted to kill me I have come face to face with? 0.

Remove the "I have come face to face with" and that answer will certainly not be zero.


Replace "terrorists" with anything from "transvestite midgets that want to fondle my feet" to "billionaires that want to patronize my painting career" and the statement still has no bearing on your life if you don't ever come into contact with them.

He's not claiming that terrorists don't exist. Only that he has never, and is not likely to ever, interact with one in any meaningful way. Structuring your life around incredibly improbable events is a waste of time. Ordinary citizens who make any changes to their routine in anticipation of a terrorist attack in Canada (or the US or most of the world) are very likely in need of therapy.

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by chihowa (#48187729) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

That's completely true, but if you're mostly concerned with third party apps phoning home, a local application like Little Snitch works well enough. Using it to get (at least for now) a decent view of how system processes are communicating is just gravy.

The fact that Little Snitch (which uses a kernel module to put itself into the flow of traffic) is capable of blocking OS traffic and sometimes borking system processes in ways that their logs indicate is unexpected shows that, at least for now, Apple probably isn't hiding traffic from it.

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From the article:

The following occur with all privacy options enabled -- including disabling analytics (i.e., Diagnostics and Usage Data).

So even though it is presented as opt-out, it apparently isn't actually opt out.

I've noticed the same thing. With all of the "privacy" related options enabled, there is still a great deal of chatting with Apple servers. I'm seeing this with Little Snitch.

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by chihowa (#48178801) Attached to: Snapchat Will Introduce Ads, Attempt To Keep Them Other Than Creepy

Look at any discussion of web ads at /. - there are tons and tons of comments going "Oh, if only web companies let us pay to turn ads off!"... And not a single one of those comments is marked with a *.

You know, that mark you get as an extra when you pay to turn ads on /. off.

I wonder if this is a part of the reason.

That's almost certainly not true because I'm always chiming in on those threads.

I can't find it now (which pisses me off to no end; my search fu is usually better than this), but there was a study published claiming that replacing ads with micropayments would cost users less than a dollar a day. Slashdot subscriptions are cheap. If people knew that they existed (I found out by reading through the FAQ on one boring day) or if they still worked (apparently?), I think that more people would chose to buy them.

That the few deployed ad-free content payment implementations suck doesn't prove that ad-free content payment is an unworkable idea.


Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days 984

Posted by timothy
from the there's-an-obvious-way-to-silence-the-critics dept.
WheezyJoe (1168567) writes The E-Cat (or "Energy Catalyzer") is an alleged cold fusion device that produces heat from a low-energy nuclear reaction where nickel and hydrogen fuse into copper. Previous reports have tended to suggest the technology is a hoax, and the inventor Andrea Rossi's reluctance to share details of the device haven't helped the situation. ExtremeTech now reports that "six (reputable) researchers from Italy and Sweden" have "observed a small E-Cat over 32 days, where it produced net energy of 1.5 megawatt-hours, "far more than can be obtained from any known chemical sources in the small reactor volume."... "The researchers, analyzing the fuel before and after the 32-day burn, note that there is an isotope shift from a "natural" mix of Nickel-58/Nickel-60 to almost entirely Nickel-62 — a reaction that, the researchers say, cannot occur without nuclear reactions (i.e. fusion)." The paper (PDF) linked in the article concludes that the E-cat is "a device giving heat energy compatible with nuclear transformations, but it operates at low energy and gives neither nuclear radioactive waste nor emits radiation. From basic general knowledge in nuclear physics this should not be possible. Nevertheless we have to relate to the fact that the experimental results from our test show heat production beyond chemical burning, and that the E-Cat fuel undergoes nuclear transformations. It is certainly most unsatisfying that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding. Moreover, the E-Cat results are too conspicuous not to be followed up in detail. In addition, if proven sustainable in further tests the E-Cat invention has a large potential to become an important energy source." The observers understandably hedge a bit, though: The researchers are very careful about not actually saying that cold fusion/LENR is the source of the E-Cat’s energy, instead merely saying that an “unknown reaction” is at work. In serious scientific circles, LENR is still a bit of a joke/taboo topic. The paper is actually somewhat comical in this regard: The researchers really try to work out how the E-Cat produces so much darn energy — and they conclude that fusion is the only answer — but then they reel it all back in by adding: “The reaction speculation above should only be considered as an example of reasoning and not a serious conjecture.”

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by chihowa (#48124439) Attached to: Z Machine Makes Progress Toward Nuclear Fusion

So does the Earth.

No, it doesn't.

Your link only talks about one side of the energy budget. The whole equation takes the energy coming in from Sol into account.

In fact, your own link says, "Despite its geological significance, this heat energy coming from Earth's interior is actually only 0.03% of Earth's total energy budget at the surface, which is dominated by 173,000 TW of incoming solar radiation."

47 TW is less of a considerable amount than 173 PW.

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by chihowa (#48119591) Attached to: FBI Says It Will Hire No One Who Lies About Illegal Downloading

The focus on the very rich is really a focus on people with a vested interest in preserving the status quo. People who have been, or feel like they have been, screwed over by "the system" are less likely to be well behaved cogs in that same system. Also, people who think that they've outsmarted the system by sloughing off their debts are less likely to think that the system is working for them and their interests. It's less about circumstances and more about the mindset of potential recruits.

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To elaborate, even (especially?) in the countries where the US government has a direct impact on foreign citizens' lives (drone strikes, etc), the local government kills/imprisons more of its own citizens under questionable circumstances than the US does.

Don't construe my comment as excusing or apologizing for the actions of the US government abroad. I'm only saying that your own government is more of a threat to your life and liberty than any foreign government, if only because of its proximity to you. History certainly bears this out. Don't let an irrational fear of the American bogeyman drive you, with blind trust, into the arms of the devil you know.

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by chihowa (#48102959) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Anxiety Over US Spying Will "Break the Internet"

The only tangible (and verifiable) difference between Dropbox and SpiderOak is marketing. If, tomorrow, Google or Facebook started making the same security claims that SpiderOak makes now, would you trust them? Don't be so quick to trust unsubstantiated claims just because they're marketed toward your specific hopes and desires.

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by chihowa (#48102827) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Anxiety Over US Spying Will "Break the Internet"

I'd still rather my data to be snooped by my own country's security services than by the Americans

Out of curiosity, why do you feel this way?

Personally, I'd rather not be spied on at all. But if anyone were to spy on me, I'd prefer it be a foreign government who can't directly affect my life or freedom. Do you really trust your own government so implicitly? What do you think the Americans are going to do to you?

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monolithic: (of an organization or system) large, powerful (sic), and intractably indivisible and uniform.

Being composed of different absolutely interdependent binaries is functionally indistinguishable from being a single binary composed of absolutely interdependent functions. It's the intractably indivisibility that makes it monolithic. You can't, for example, use this VT replacement without the rest of systemd. Thus, it's monolithic.

Monolithic (in this case) is the description of an architecture.

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You do realize that this whole stalking and multiple-post tactic only makes you look pathetic and kooky and does nothing to discredit your target du jour, right? This isn't how debates that people take seriously are carried out.

I doubt the AC you responded to was BarbaraHudson. Most of us here are sick of seeing tons of identical off topic replies from you.

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