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Comment: Re:Bad, Bad Idea (Score 1) 495

by chialea (#32556636) Attached to: Getting Paid Fairly When Job Responsibilities Spiral?

What about the other way? Your boss has hired you to build a shed but by the time the project is done your building a mansion and they haven't giving you any more resources to do so. That shows that management is manipulative hiring a guy to to a job but then over time they can get job b, c and d as well for free.

That's certainly a possible explanation. Another possible explanation is that management hires people expecting them to grow and take on more duties, then ask for help when they need it. The difference is what happens when you go to management and ask for help. Your manager may honestly not know what you're doing or what you can handle. Really, it's the adult thing to do.

Comment: Re:What am I missing? (Score 4, Informative) 219

by chialea (#30428194) Attached to: Facebook Founder's Pictures Go Public

Go to your profile and hit the little pencil icon next to it. You can hide your friends list from there. (Thanks to another /. commenter, who pointed this out to me.)

BTW, make sure you lock down the settings on what your friends' apps can see, unless you trust them not to accidentally add malware.

Comment: Re:welleee (Score 1) 888

by chialea (#30398280) Attached to: Best Way To Clear Your Name Online?

Really, you would turn down an applicant on the basis of something which may very well be a health condition or religious conviction? For your own sake, I hope your comment doesn't end up online or anything...

(Seriously, I hope you're kidding here. People don't drink for a lot of reasons. It just means they don't drink.)

Comment: Re:At least they have a clear privacy policy (Score 1) 540

by chialea (#30324374) Attached to: Google Launches Public DNS Resolver

To copy from the privacy section of the FAQ linked by the parent:

> With Google Public DNS, we collect IP address (only temporarily) and ISP and location information (in permanent logs) for the purpose of making our service faster, better and
> more secure. Specifically, we use this data to conduct debugging, to analyze abuse phenomena and to improve our prefetching feature. After 24 hours, we erase any IP
> information. For more information, read the Google Public DNS privacy page.

Never let someone who says it cannot be done interrupt the person who is doing it.