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How To Build Roads To Control How Fast You Drive 801

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the how-about-ramps dept.
An anonymous reader writes "They're the holy grail of transportation engineering: streets and highways specifically designed to encourage automobilists to drive less quickly, reducing the rates of passenger fatalities and generally encouraging a safer urban environment. And now new research shows that, if built right, they just might work. A new study out of the University of Connecticut suggests that minor reductions in vehicle speed are possible through changes in the street environment. Through the use of roadside parking, tighter building setbacks, and more commercial land uses, road designers can make drivers subconsciously drive more slowly." All of that is gonna work a lot better than my strategy of placing car-sized holes covered with twigs and branches randomly every half mile or so down the interstates.

+ - Stealing Electricity from Algae->

Submitted by pgmrdlm
pgmrdlm writes: THE GIST:

        * Rather than harvesting electricity from algae, scientists are now able to outright steal it.
        * Creatures have been stealing energy from algae for nearly as long as algae have been around.
        * The energy generated from the process isn't yet powerful enough for modern gadgets.

I have been reading about the benefits of Algae for renewable energy now for a couple years. And it never pans out. Is this just another promise of great things to come which never do?

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