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Comment: WTC Borders (Score 1) 443

by chelsel (#36809998) Attached to: Borders Books, Dead At 40

My favorite Borders was the Borders in the World Trade Center. I was working in the financial district as a programmer and I used to go there on my lunch breaks every few days to buy books on programming and finance. Borders had a better technical book selection than Barnes & Noble or Waldenbooks.

Comment: Useless if it involves your phone (Score 1) 399

by chelsel (#35169642) Attached to: Google Adds Two-Factor Authentication To Gmail

Your smartphone has all of your email. You can reset the password on almost any website you visit just by having access to that email. Someone with access to your phone can reset the password for your online banking, facebook, twitter, etc. and basically take over your online identity.

Few people set a password on their phone and even fewer set it to something besides a 4 digit pin with is either 1111, their birthdate or something equally "rememberable". Adding TWO factor authentication using the phone is really just a gimmick.

Comment: Re:Break your project into manageable steps (Score 1) 601

by chelsel (#28480765) Attached to: How To Get Out of Developer's Block?
I like to create an outline of the user interface in something like Adobe Fireworks to get an idea of what the whole application will look like. I find this is a nice way to see how the user will view your application. I did this for a recent iPhone application I developed and it really helped me get a handle on where to begin. Also, languages get stale... I've been coding in Java for over 10 years and tackling Objective-C and Cocoa was actually fun... it was probably the first time I've called computer programming fun since I wrote my first applet in 1996.

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