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Comment saved my life (Score 2, Interesting) 512

despite all that the news and religious right were spouting in the 80s when i was a kid, dnd actually saved my life. i was a chronically depressed, suicidal adolescent with no social contacts outside my immediate family. dnd let me open up imagination and share it with likeminded people. taught me invaluable reference skills, story telling, group management, but most importantly it insisted that i interact with others and in doing so provided me with the slow crawl back to reality. i dont know that gary would have understood the seriousness of all that, but what that group created was an invaluable part of my life. goodbye e. gary gygax and thank you.

Submission + - a weighty inheritance

chelanfarsight writes: The NYTimes has an article in Health discussion research beginning in the '50s concerning weight and weight loss. The compilation of evidence so far shows that body weight has a greater possibility of being genetically inherited than heart disease, mental illness, or breast cancer. Apparently the body has its own concept of "ideal weight" and will fight to keep it in a 10-20 pound range showing evidence of starvation when it doesn't. (I for one welcome my genetically determined metabolic overlord's demands for food.) l?em&ex=1178769600&en=d01b6c7150af5ba2&ei=5087%0A

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